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Discussion in 'Testers' started by AndyB - Bardrik, May 8, 2017.

  1. AndyB - Bardrik Private

    Hello everybody,

    I have a quick remark. With the Update from the 5.5. all characters are not rendering anymore and maps are not loading. The units during the camp screen are surrounded by black, only very view things can be recognized. Even after uninstalling and reinstall it hasn´t changed, unfortunatly my warbands are gone by that though.

    In the following link you can find a video of a few seconds which shows what I exactly mean with the black surroundings of characters.

  2. OverWatch

    Hey Andy.

    Thanks for taking the time out to post this on the forums! I know we spoke about this on Facebook but this is a much more ideal platform for us to investigate bugs etc.

    Just to confirm this is the latest version? (200) Also what device are you currently playing on? Just some details I'll need when forwarding this across to Adam.
  3. AndyB - Bardrik Private

    Hello again,

    yes it is the latest version. Just double checked it as well.
    I am playing on Samsung Galaxy J5.
  4. OverWatch

    Thanks for the info, Andy! Will make sure Adam is aware of this so that we can look at getting a fix rolled out.
  5. OverWatch

    Another quick update for you! Adam was already aware of this issue and has fixed it. You should expect a fix in the next beta build.
  6. AndyB - Bardrik Private

    Hey OverWatch,

    Patch did the trick! Now it is good to play again.
    Other Problem though, which I didn´t mention prior. When in Game and I am going for an ranged shot the FPS drops down to 3.00 and basically it is just a picture show. It is still playable, but a bit annoying. Same happens in the loading of the Camp and the actions you can take in the Camp Menue. Seems like it always happens when the characters are loaded and are getting zoomed in on.

    Shall I make a recording of that as well or is it clear what I mean?

    Andy B
  7. OverWatch

    Hey again, Andy!

    I think I understand what you mean by the frame-rate dropping. What does the FPS counter say when you aren't using a ranged unit or in the camp screen?

    If you'd like to attach a short video to this thread it'd certainly help us out. This may be a case of doing some optimisation our end, but it's useful to know exactly where your problems occur either way!
  8. AndyB - Bardrik Private

    Well, here you go. It is two videos after each other, didn´t do any editing though :D

    Second part starts at 42 secs
  9. OverWatch

    Thank you again, Andy.

    Adam is away after the weekend and will be on holiday for a while, but I'll make sure that this gets brought up.

    Hope you enjoy your weekend!! Have a good one

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