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  1. Matthew Private

    First off, great job with the maps! They look really atmospheric provide the perfect backdrop for a skirmish.

    That being said I find little reason/incentive to explore the outer edges of the map beyond the odd gold piece/wyrdstone. Most of my gameplay consists of finding the quickest way into combat with my openent which is fine, but misses the opportunity for just that extra layer of variation to the game.

    The existing scenarios work to combat this by placing areas of importance to reach or hold. This is good but in my opinion could be better. The scenario where you have to get from one side of the map to the other would be a whole lot better if you remove the routing/defeating victory condition and force people to have to reach the other side. Also the scenario where you need to hold a point on map - the hold point is always in the same central location to the map... Mix it up a bit??

    On top of this other scenarios could consists off:

    - Assassinate the opposing team leader
    - capture the flag aka capture the wyrdstone
    - Safely transport a VIP across the map.

    I'm not sure what you have planned but something that stops this game turning into a hack n slash would be great!
  2. etherkye Major

    Not sure about removing the victory condition of routing, esp if you're defending. It'll mean that once you get to less than half health you won't be able to retreat.

    I think capturing something and then needing to make a run for it back to your side would be great fun, but some people might ignore it and just try to kill everyone anyway.

    I do remember the old VIP missions though, they where great fun!
  3. Marquand Corporal

    At the moment I'm more concerned with only one map we have...
    But yes different/additional objectives would be cool assuming that completing them will be rewarded.
  4. Matthew Private

    Hmm yes I forgot about the flip side of that scenario.. would it be that hard to have separate victory conditions for defense and 'attack'?

    I am also concerned about the now ever more boring one map... Can we at least get an explanation??
  5. OverWatch

    We're currently changing the way different scenarios work and the way you're spawned into a map (as mentioned in another thread). Often you're put in a position with really only one viable option, and that option is usually to just go forth and charge at your enemy (usually in a straight line). There are many areas which can be used on the map to a players advantage, which we noticed weren't being used, which is one of the reasons we've changed the spawn points. What we've done will hopefully offer more options to the player. On top of that, we've also taken the time out to re-work some of the objective based scenarios, like Wyrdstone hunt for example, so that you'll be more focused on hunting for Wyrdstone rather than taking out your opponent.

    The one map situation is something that's being looked into at the moment (as Adam has mentioned in another thread). More map variations are to come, and I really like your ideas about new scenarios that we could implement. Will forward this info on to the rest of the team and see what their thoughts are...
  6. etherkye Major

    Protect VIP, get him to other side safely
    Get the most artifacts/wyrdstone, first to X wins
    Hunt a monster, killing blow on it wins
    Building searching, each person in the building can pass their turn to search. First to find 2 out of 3 items wins.
    Leader on Leader brawl, Rest of team watch but can't fight until a leader is down
    Showdown (with the tension rating), pick 3 men per team for it. slowly moving closer until the tension is broken and one team fires.
    Both trying to get to the other side, first to get 2 people out wins. Make sure there's plenty of space to sneak around the map.
    Hold the tower (1 team starts inside, other surrounding them)
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  7. OverWatch

    Thanks for the extra suggestions, Etherkye ;). Keep 'em rollin'.
  8. morjax

    Yes, please!!
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