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  1. OverWatch

    I'd like to firstly take the time out to thank all of you so far that have been actively supporting us, giving us feedback on the forums and staying as up to date as you possibly can with the builds that we produce. We appreciate everything you folks have done for us so far and hope that with worldwide release coming very soon that you'll carry on with us on this adventure! Very exciting times ahead of us.

    For testers this unfortunately means that testing won't be available for much longer. I wouldn't worry too much at the moment as there's still some time, but just be aware that access won't be around forever, so take advantage of it whilst you can! We have plans to release Mordheim: Warband Skirmish on 25/05/2017 on Apple, Amazon and Android devices. Keep your calendars open on that date!!

    How can I stay up to date from now up until release?
    There are multiple ways for you to stay up to date. We keep our social media pages updated on a daily basis so if you're a Facebook or Twitter user feel free to check out our pages and drop us a follow. You can also sign up to our newsletter where you will be given fortnightly updates on all the latest and greatest news. Another great way for you to engage with us is on the forums. These get checked on a daily basis, so if you haven't given your two cents on a build you've played, now would be the time to do so.

    Twitter: Here
    Facebook: Here
    Sign up to newsletter: Here

    What do I do If I encounter a bug?
    It's crucial for us to be tracking down any existing bugs and eliminating them before worldwide release. If you happen to come across anything from now up until testing ends please do post it to the testers section. Screenshots/video footage are really useful to us so keep that in mind!

    Update (200) is live so I suggest all of you check it out! and check out the release notes I've posted here for a run-down of what you should be looking out for...
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  2. Lem213 Private

    Really excited for the release! Hopefully there won't be any bugs, but maybe a few rats...
  3. OverWatch

    We'll be on the lookout for any testers pointing out bugs so that we can get rid of them before worldwide release! Just be sure to let us know if you find anything when testing. Worldwide release is very exciting for all of us!! We can't wait :D
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  4. MasterDrumer Private

    Pumped! I will admit I'm a little surprised at the lack of responses to this.
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  5. OverWatch

    I know that some testers have had to take some time off for personal reasons! Here's to hoping that all you fantastic people will be with us come worldwide release ;)
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  6. Lem213 Private

    6 more days! So Excited!
  7. OverWatch

    Keep your calendar open, Lem!!
  8. Reinhardt Private

    Are there plans to create a friends list so you can challenge your friends? If not with the same warband, then a separate created warband?
  9. Sierra19 Private

    Can't wait to purchase the game on release! Question, are warbands created during alpha/beta going to stay on the servers to give players a wider variety of warbands to face?

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