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    more unit choices!

    The one of the anti air unit is exactly what I had in mind. plus the sniper one is really cool too. very fitting for post apocalyptic ;)
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    Minor suggestion

    pretty much. Do you play tactics on facebook, the portal or android?
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    more unit choices!

    someone mentioned a sniper idea which was cool
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    Minor suggestion

    I was thinking about the snipers idea too. But also a defencsive unit you build which takes down air units. like helicopters and jet troopers
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    Land mines OP?

    they are now 50 to build, they were 20 which is pretty cool. I will admit i did cover my base in mines quite a lot!
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    Bases, bases everywhere!

    You have no defence at all. MWHAHA!
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    Possible Bug : Missing Harvester

    How do we raid someone without a harvester! :o
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    Making Raids Pay

    this is cool as I can now go on my 'scavenge' missions :D
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    Alliance System (science fiction) ;)

    Nice idea sounds awesome :)
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    In game messaging for Tactics

    I think something like this would be cool, what about group chats?
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    Artellery (balance)

    I just swarm the harvester normally with troopers. it works most times but can be costly :)
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    More buildings for Tactics?

    Hey dorsai, you must be new, welcome! Some awesome ideas here I really like the living quarters one it woul be cool to see it changing depending on the notoriety yeah, I think more base buildings would make the game more fun and varied
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    Health bar feature is now live!

    great stuff look forward for more update :)
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    Competition time V3!

    haven't even attempted this