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    Have a Masters and five kids. Pretty proud of all six things

    Have a Masters and five kids. Pretty proud of all six things
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    Necromunda: Gang Skirmish!

    I wholeheartedly recommend Mordheim: Warband Skirmish regardless. Best advice I can give: Don't heal injuries. Let the poor, deranged bastards die. You'll be amazed at how effective a swordsman with frenzy, fear is. Even if he is slowed by stupidity. Identify a 'good loss' over a 'bad win'...
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    Join the Beta!

    He may be speaking to the boys and telling them to bring on his Escher. Like "Meat's back on the menu, boys!" Registered! Bring on the Hive!!
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    Ok Juves, what house are you hoping for?

    Working on the artwork I'm assuming Goliath and Escher are the first houses out on release. I'm a fan of huge hair, punk clothing and poisons so, naturally, I would pick Goliath. I do hope for some spryers at some point. Those guys always fascinated me. I had a really bad intro to the first...
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    Necromunda: Gang Skirmish!

    Allow me to say "Furking Yes!"
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    New Warbands!

    Adding another voice for Dwarves!
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    Stuck in progress

    the most important rule for this situation: take a good loss over a bad win. Play to the objectives. Sneak like a hairy skaven in breakthroygh. Only target wyrdstone carriers where having halftge wyrdstone wins (can't remember the name). Letthe enemy have the objectives in territory. It's a...
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    Tavern and Hired Swords

    Yup, misinterpreted. Was settling my Little One at 3:30ish in the morning when I wrote that.
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    Tavern and Hired Swords

    Fate has nothing to do with it dude, just ask my friend Wiz. He became top rank, numero uno, without spending any fate. Just enjoy yourself :)
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    Can Ghouls Benefit From Ballistic Skill Increases

    I'll do my best. The spellcasting tab was added after the initial skill system, after lessons regarding skills had been learned. The spellcasting tab has likely been written in a way that allows it to be easily ignored. There is a good chance that the rest of the skill system has too many...
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    Tavern and Hired Swords

    Yes to both!! That's a really well layed out post. Conveys my feelings on Fate perfectly.
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    Tavern and Hired Swords

    Hired Swords are not a 'paywall'. I have taken plenty down with focused fire or a beefed up warband member or, in one case, a knife thrower. A savvy player can go toe-to-toe with a warband consisting of normal fighters plus the maximum hired swords and still come out on top. One thing that...
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    Question Max Wounds

    Woops! Not the beta thread...... You didn’t see anything.....
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    PvP shout outs

    Shout ou to Undead. Good game! Sad that your Necromancer kept failing and I am VERY happy that your ghoul did not get into combat early on :)