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    Chronic System Freezes

    I had a few crashes, some of them making me lose credits, rep or favour, but that has happened once in maybe 50 cycles... But I must say most of the times the game works properly. I'm playing on Android, I don't know if maybe you are playing on iphone and that version works worse, but if you are...
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    Bunch of "how does it works?" Questions: turf and combat

    I'm playing against the AI and that explains my matches. I asked if there was any other criteria, as it seemed a bit strange that I always matched against harder gangs, but knowing that the win/loss ratio is also taken into account the matches I'm getting make sense as I think I have very few...
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    Bunch of "how does it works?" Questions: turf and combat

    One question about power differences. Is there any other parameter that affect power difference apart from the squad power. For example, if my squad has a power of 1000, the rival gang will be chosen randomly from every created gang that has a power of, let's say, +-25% (that being from 750 to...
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    Bunch of "how does it works?" Questions: turf and combat

    I'm assuming the thing there is you get the description of what you get if you spend the 25XP (that is order 2) or what you already have if you cannot update the skill any further. That's the reason why for both your leader and champion you get the same description, but for someone without any...
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    Bunch of "how does it works?" Questions: turf and combat

    First order I think it reaches 6 and second 12. Always get order 2 if possible as it really makes a difference when you want to reposition your shooter without losing the extra action by having to also reposition the leader.
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    Bunch of "how does it works?" Questions: turf and combat

    It depends, usually no less than 4, sometimes 5, seldom 6. The more enemies I'm facing the less equipment they have, so unless deployment is very bad enemies numbers are not an issue. You usually have one turn in advance so you can position yourself, I just keep my leader hidden in a place where...
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    Money for Mayhem!

    Yes, I think keeping squad values low is key for not risking too much getting injured. I, however have a higher value Escher gang that also performs quite well but you have to be extra careful (And use delay a lot to always have control of when and where to attack). I would recommend using a...
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    Money for Mayhem!

    I'm reading some of the criticism here and I think most of it comes from something that even if not stated was clearly a bug. Badzones were giving too many creds. My Van Saars with level 4 badzones went from earning 600-800 creds and some scrap items to 3000-4000 creds plus 500-1000 creds if I...
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    Van Saar skill costs are different within the same gang - is this usual?

    As far as I know skills get more expensive the more skills you have (even from other categories). I don't know if there are some skills that don't increase the cost or every single skill does, but you should check if those gangers have any other skills apart from the one you are checking.
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    Several questions about game mechanics

    Wow, that's a pretty complex way of calculating damage... Thanks for the explanation
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    Yellow price in trading post

    Good question... I just assumed that meant the price was lower than usual, but I've not been able to confirm that theory as prices usually vary from time to time :(
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    Beginner's Guide

    Thanks for the table and the advice! I've been playing with Eschers and Van Saar each of them with different approaches (Escher work quite similar to your approach and Van Saar are BS based but also have some similarities): * Important note: I just play offline, maybe this tactics cannot be...
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    Several questions about game mechanics

    First of all sorry for the questions spam, but I've been playing for some time now and even after a lot of battles there are some points I don't understand: Completing objectives vs winning the battle: There are many battles where you have to complete some objectives to win, however if you just...
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    Cosmetic packs, what do they include?

    Hi, I'm thinking about getting the cosmetic packs for my gangs, but I'm not sure about what do they include. From the picture it seems like it could include new faces, but at least from the image for van saar and escher they seem to be the same as the already available ones. So what do they...
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    Fast shot skill and aimed shooting

    Ok, so after using the skill several more times, I'm not sure about this, but it seems that when using the skill, first shot is aimed even though it is a single action (or at least it seems that first shot has always higher chances of hitting). If so, I think fast shot shouldn't apply here as it...