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    Block teams

    AngryBob, well this still dosen't explain how you associated my name with the team sons of Witches. Let's explain this first. Are you telling me Discord gave you my personal information upon your request.
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    Block teams

    The explanation is coming soon i hope .You see , it is of great interest to me how you can possibly know, that i am associated with the Sons of Witches . I have only posted on this form a hand full of times and i don't believe i have ever mentioned anything regarding this team so how can you be...
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    Block teams

    Thanks for weighing in . The thing is , I have noticed a number of teams lately and they all have things in common. They are all are low level teams ranging around the six hundreds. They all have very high initiative and use close range missile weapons, which they use to great effect. They...
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    Rating needs to be fixed, like, yesterday

    I was accused of cheating by come and get your love. I have encountered this team numerous times and have always been impressed. Especially by how much Crimson Shade they can generate. I faced this team tonight and my game froze in the 4th round. Shortly after I was accused of cheating by the...