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    Is Elf Ranger too powerfull?

    You guys still not tired of denying elven superiority?
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    Just got this....And I love it! However....

    yes, that is the result of horde rules. every additional attacker also provides +10 WS for everybody else on that target. This was implemented so that solo captains are not such cancer anymore (arguably), and new team members now have a reason to engage in fights, even if they are low on WS...
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    Moot mercenaries

    Idk supposedly yes but practice may show us something else, gotta test this ourselves...
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    Question about the first attack of the "dual" pistol

    Indeed, pistolliers should have high WS
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    Question about the first attack of the "dual" pistol

    Pistols can be used in cloae combat, to charge with and to strike with, folloing with shots. Striking uses WS, shooting uses BS
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    Moot mercenaries

    I suppose he switched off his wifi signal, it makes the enemy take AI and is the ultimate cheat key to victory on all levels, as you will fight AI instead of human mastermind. Scumbags use it.
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    Is it possible to have a perfect henchman (or henchwoman) get generated?

    I am almost equally as old player as Shang, and I got 2 perfects. One for Middenheim (only 1 Ld off, a setback so little its non existant) and One for Possessed (2 BS off but they dont need that at all)
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    How do I order my units to use ranged weapons ?

    Bullseye icon might not show up because of 3 reasons: 1) he does not have the range 2) there are no targets in his line of sight (he can not shoot through 2 buildings f.e.) 3) if the enemy target is engaged in melee combat, he can not target them (doesnt apply for pistols) Also, in a range...
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    That is like saying: limit henchmen to 2, tired of seeing 6 henchman bands". And where is 4 halflings as middenheim not fun for you?
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    Boss of War!

    Because it is enough. B-)
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    Suggestion: actually usefull shields

    Not nearly as much as they should
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    Extra fighters.

    Darksouls are one of the better pets, and the look like humans, have a weapon and taunt the same way
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    Bug and suggestion

    Aye I would love helmet customization. The pit fighter helm has a marvelous model but the Ini penalty keeps me from ever touching it. Perhaps follow the trace of armour, like when oyu can have gromril look like ithilmar, and apply it to helmets, so we can have a great helmet with the amazing...
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    ameliorate the missile scourge

    They can indeed, but the overpenetration power of arrows is so low it harldy pierces anything afterwards. And dont forget, if you want this to game to be historically 100% accurate, there would be a debate on a whole another level
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    For devs: pls make a spell usefull, this is how!

    It could, at least you dont have to fight those damn vamps/dawi/prisets for a century before you fail your timer rout test cuz of how much Ld they got and they keep passing while you stand there surrouding them and fail your first