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    Small suggestions and ideas for Tactics

    I wish there was a way to get credits more easily than say a 'you've killed your 500th enemy' because that's very rare. I don't want to buy them, but would like them to speed up the time when repairing and building so I don't have to wait a day before I can raid again.
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    In game messaging for Tactics

    This sounds cool, but what would happen if the troops you borrow are destroyed?
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    More buildings for Tactics?

    I like the idea of the hospital, however think it should use up a turn as a consequence and can only be used once. Maybe somewhere where you can store upgrades you scavenge? The ones you haven't unlocked. Because as it stands if you are destroyed you lose the upgrade. Then you can use them when...
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    Old Units, New Power ?

    I've never desired a drone, whenever raiding a player with one, I always manage to take it down in one turn with a few troops and without taking any damage. Not very powerful at all and I think they're funny looking because they're so small!
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    Base customisation

    I like it cos it means my harvester is now packing 940 resources daily! Although saying this my base is absolutely rammed with them and looks so messy :(
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    To upgrade? Or not to Upgrade?

    As you can see I have only bought one upgrade; health. I think it's definitely worth buying this because otherwise Jet Troopers are weak, I would like to invest in the other upgrades though, especially having a longer range. I am gradually racking up my resources and I am 5000 of buying...
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    Competition time V3!

    That is suicide!
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    Game update: The raid table is now Live!

    I was so happy the one time I beat you and then I was told it was because you were repairing... All I can think is that; once retreating you should not be put against that same player and that you shouldn't be matched against a player more than twice in one day. Once there are more players it...
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    Game update: The raid table is now Live!

    I think the idea of the raid table is brilliant, however I, personally am not finding it very enjoyable. I am 4th on the leader board and there are approximately 3 people in the same range as me. There is one player in particular who I am being matched up against the majority of the time. Their...
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    Whats your most valued item on Tactics?

    I have bought them, they are awesome! Very prone to damage though, must save up for the upgrades.
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    Whats your most valued item on Tactics?

    Jet troopers I think, they are the most affordable unit for me at the moment and I can imagine will be fun to use!
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    Whats your most valued item on Tactics?

    Hmm, the APC has proven very useful due to it's long range. I can destroy Infantry troops without taking any damage sometimes (if I move the APC to the right place)! So, yes I would have to say the APC at the moment.
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    Competition time V2!

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    Competition time V2!

    Combat Drone?
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    Whats your most valued item on Tactics?

    Erm I think the most valuable item in my base is a hazmat shelter because without this, I would have no troops and they are the key to gaining resources.