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    New units

    Send help! I'm stuck inside the site! I am reading it from beginning to end. It will continue to suck me in! Makes me miss the tt version a little bit more!
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    New units

    The wizard comes in clutch!
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    It's a hard game, and that's why it's great

    This post put a lot in perspective for me thanks
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    New units

    Gotcha! It's been many years since I played the game trying to find a pdf version of the rule book to read nostalgic mostly :)
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    New units

    I've been seeing a lot of my new recruits being injured first or second battle and just letting them go. Going blind marksman with -8 BS and the like. Anybody else having this issue?
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    The best way to have your say!

    Dwarves?!?! ;) but serious slayers or even Gotrex and Felix as a sell sword would be neat! Also can you guys setup like a total purchase not all micro transactions I like the game I'll pay for it just not in 2-5-12 dollar chunks. I don't care if my players die it's part of the miserable...