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    Rebuilding - Waiting... waiting again (or : undue advantages ;)

    Destroyed units don't come back, just the wrecks. The "auto-scavenge" feature as we're calling it means that your troops are gathering resources even as you fight, so it is actually a lot easier to collect resources during a raid even if you don't go on to take the harvester. We are hoping...
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    Good find! We'll add it to the todo list :)
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    Hi Nebvek, we have investigated this and fixed up your map for you. Please let us know if you encounter any other issues!
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    Energy Matters

    You can buy resources with energy, but not the other way around. If you want extra energy, you can either purchase it or earn it from helping friends. But you don't need to unlock upgrades to play - you can scavenge them from wrecks. Energy is only needed to unlock them for building at any time.
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    Enhanced 3D Freeze Bug

    Hi AkshaySoni, yes this is a known stability issue that affects some Firefox users. But I'm glad to report that we should have an update going live in the next day or two that fixes this problem.
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    [Bug] Energy used, nothing happened

    OK, bug found and eliminated. It only happened if a live towed unit was completely destroyed rather than just wrecked in a single shot. Thanks for reporting it!
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    [Bug] Energy used, nothing happened

    Were you towing a unit that was completely destroyed by the enemy? I think this may be the cause of the bug.
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    Internet Explorer Severe Bug

    Just to check, what operating system and browser version did this bug occur with?
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    Internet Explorer Severe Bug

    This is actually the first time we've seen this issue reported! IE can't play the enhanced 3D version, but we were unaware people were having issues with the normal isometric version too. So obviously this is a serious bug, and if it was reported before we must have missed it. Thanks for...
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    Test suite bug - Internet problem

    There are known issues with the full 3D version running in Firefox presently, which we are hoping will be fixed by an update later this week.
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    Harvester Bug

    That's because we changed this! Basically, harvesters no longer generate resources by destroying terrain. We found it was leading to the tactic of flattening maps completely, which made them worthless to defend and no fun to battle on. Destroying terrain is now only worth doing if you intend...
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    Hi Nic, this is a very interesting idea. When we set out to make Year 0 we had visions of a global war with factions and alliances developing. But this proved a bit too epic a goal! But we did toy early on with the idea of allowing two players to co-exist on a map. Effectively you can already...
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    Severe Harvester Bug

    OK, thanks for reporting this. The problem was with territories where the harvest value was effectively negative because you had destroyed everything but toxic spills. This has been fixed for the next release.
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    Scorched Earth

    We'll be rolling out a number of tweaks to the game balance today. The key one is that terrain no longer has ANY value when cleared by a Harvester, so this is no longer a way to gain resources and simply reduces the harvest rate of the map! In addition, Bio Farms now vary in effectiveness from...
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    Some questions for the devs?

    It simply reduces the attacker's accuracy