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    Whats your post-apocalyptic profile?

    without question jet trooper. althouh it doesn't pay off. I can't help but just swarm peoples bases. I do loose most of the time XD
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    CHALLENGE AHEAD! Wordsearch good luck!

    haha this was great fun ! finished it all in under 5 mins :)
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    When you're out of your league

    can't draw :(
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    move your buildings

    Hi All, So after moving all my buildings around today (only way to do this is by destroying via the harvester and replacing costing money) I thought a system where you can actually move buildings at no cost should be in place. Not only would it save us resources, but more importantly the time...
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    New unit design competition - BATTLE HARVESTER

    what are the prizes for this btw?
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    New unit design competition - BATTLE HARVESTER

    Imagine that blade chopping up some ground units!
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    more unit choices!

    I think these are cool and I mainly think there needs to be more 'soldier units' becuase theres only 3. Whereas there are like 7 machine ones. Sniper is cool but some sort of elite soldier?
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    custom unit faction emblems

    So the emblems for the factions are pretty cool as it is, but what if we could create our own and upload? maybe link it to forum pictures. It would even be cool if we could rename the factions to our own choice.What does everyone else think?
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    Bases, bases everywhere!

    It used to be like a maze but it got ruined and I've reworked my defense since then. I can never figure out a good way to structure my base :(
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    Fan art-ish

    Epic stuff! Now draw the harvester ;)
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    haven't been on in a while!

    haven't been on in a while!
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    Nulls Car garage

    I think I'll take my business elsewhere.
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    Nulls Car garage

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    well done, when will the next be? ;)
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    In game tactics discussion

    swarming with jet troopers.. now i can't board with them though :( still i can blow up the harvester pretty quickly normally