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    A Friend in Need! (Year 0 Update)

    Hey guys, we were just wondering how this particular feature is working out for you? As I briefly mentioned in my previous post, upon login you'll see a series of landing screens depending on what's going on in your game at the time, one of which asks you to help out friends that need a bit of...
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    Okay, thanks... We'll look into this.
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    Site Maintenance

    Just letting everyone know that there will be a period of downtime today for all our games and services while we work on some site maintenance. We hope you understand and thank you for your patience!
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    Internet Explorer Refresh Bug

    Thanks Akshay, we'll look into it!
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    A Friend in Need! (Year 0 Update)

    Hey everyone! Just letting you know that Year 0 is getting an update today and you'll hopefully notice two large changes. First of all some of you will see that the 3D version is much more stable and previous leaks have bee fixed. Thanks to everyone that informed us about any bugs and...
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    Loading screen bug

    Hi Ashley, I missed this before but someone else also reported a similar issue and it just happened to me too so I've let someone know and hopefully something will get sorted.
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    Hey Mckhi, just giving you an update! I have just run into this problem myself so I'm going to see what happens and then let someone know about the issue.
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    Background texture bug

    Thanks Ashley, we'll look into it!
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    Grey screen.

    Thanks guys, we'll see what's up!
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    Hey mckhi, thanks for your report. Might I suggest that if you have anything else to say that you use a different text colour? I had to highlight this to read it!
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    3D mode camera adjusting

    Cool, thanks guys, we'll look into it!
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    All territories unlocked

    Thanks Ben, I'll get someone to look into it and get back to you!
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    3D View Bug

    Thanks for reporting your issue, we'll look into it! (and sorry for the spam post on your thread)
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    Year0 Volume Bug

    Hiya, I think this has already been mentioned but since it seems to be a reoccurring suggestion that we should look into it! Thanks for your input!
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    Cosmetic - bug

    Thanks David, I'll email someone about it and see if we can get it sorted.