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    I'm too a great fan of this idea. It could be an option though. 1)see the dice rolling 2)just see the result 3)no dice visible. I would choos 1) but if that isnt a big deal letting the user choos is always the best way imho
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    Favorite Warbands

    My first warband were the witch hunters, but the moment they were intruduced i played the dwarf tresure hunters. I still have the white dwarf featurig them. My playstyle fits to the fewer elite charakters (wich is a disadvantage in mordheim, i know) and, the main reason, i really like dwarfs!
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    Introduce yourself

    Hi, my name is Sven and i live in the very north of Germany. I'm 35 and a huge fan of fantasy games since i've played Hero Quest and Claymore Saga as a kid. I've been playing various fantasy and TT games like Warhammer, 40k, Demonworld and more, but Mordheim was my favourite since the release. I...