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    How do I Update?

    The new update is rolling out now, I'll post a new thread when it's available!
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    Represent your Gangers!

    Looks like you're a massive fan of Goliaths! Was there anything specifically you did/didn't like about the other gangs you played with? Anything that would make them more enjoyable to play with?
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    Shotgun/Heavy Melee weapons no Pin on knockback?

    Hey Edward, Does the shotgun have an issue? The no nerve check, in melee should be fixed in the next beta. Fair point on the Hammer, will have to bring that up in the next discussion. Cheers
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    Report After approx 10 hours of use.

    Thanks for that! I've noted these down for a further discussion with the team.
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    Necromunda: Gang Skirmish!

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    House Goliath!

    The hulking brute of House Goliath! These massive warriors are the product of House Goliath work-clans, each of them gene-smithed using stimm-elixirs traded from House Escher for a life of punishing labour and hardship in the depths of the House’s foundries and refineries. Far larger and...
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    Gameplay suggestions

    Hey Shangular, Thanks for the feedback! 1). That game mode should've had a decreasing morale bar, so there may be an issue there. Turn timer will be discussed with the team. 2). Interesting point, this hasn't been bought up much, will bring it up in are next meeting 3). Matchmaking is based...
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    Report After approx 10 hours of use.

    Thanks for the feedback! We're glad you're enjoying the game so far! Let's break this down ;) There are a couple of missions that reward you to help you with customisations : - Guilders Mission - you can earn favour from completing the objective - Transit Tunnels - you can send your...
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    Playtester Feedback/Beta thoughts so far

    Hi Edward, I've just created a separate thread dedicated to PvP tests, this should be a more useful way to test it - Cheers.
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    PvP Tests

    To test PvP, please use this tread to let others know if you're online and waiting for a game. As we allow more users into the beta, matchmaking for PvP should become more frequent. (Only gangs that have unlocked Trading Post are able to play pvp). Key features of PvP: Players take the...
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    Playtester Feedback/Beta thoughts so far

    Hi Edward, Thanks for this feedback it's much appreciated! We're glad you're enjoying the game so far! The team are still working on optimisations for the game. The speeds of the game for certain devices should feel faster when the game launches. Good recommendation on this, is there...
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    Join the Beta!

    Hi Edward, are still not able to post in the beta section?
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    There will definitely be a Discord dedicated to Necromunda: GS! At the moment it's currently under development.
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    Yes, the shop is a random selection of items. The shop doesn't update once a skill has been equipped.
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    The pausing could be the camera re-aligning which is what you may be seeing but I've noted it down and passed it over to the team. Cheers