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    Bound Themes and Tints

    Thanks for the suggestion. We'll see what we can do with this. Cheers
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    Blank Descriptions for Hive Scum and Lookouts

    Thanks for reporting. Passed it on to the team.
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    Stats not showing # in Red

    Good spot, passed it over to the team. Cheers
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    PvP opt-in and Translations!

    Spanish, French, German, Russian and Italian speakers can now access the game in their native language! Based on some players concerns about unbalanced matchups, we have made PvP opt-in rather than opt-out in the settings. Once we are certain that all PvP games will give a great experience to...
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    A New Legendary Tournament!

    Congratulations to the Top 3 of the second Legendary Tournament! They will receive a custom icon in-game! 1 - Flight Risk 2 - Assassins in White 3 - Jesters Thanks to everyone for taking part in the Legendary Tournament!
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    A New Legendary Tournament!

    Legendary Tournament code – “LGBattle2” (Case sensitive) Tournament ends on Monday 19th April at 5pm UK time.
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    A New Legendary Tournament!

    Once you've joined the tournament, playing vs Ai will be disabled. PvP will be the only option. If you exceed the maximum rating of the tournament, a pop up will be displayed when trying to enter a game. You won't be ejected and your progress will be saved.
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    Fixes and Improvements to Balancing

    Since the last update went out, we have continued to work on changes and improvements to balancing from player feedback. This update includes a variety of fixes and improvements that should enhance the balancing of matchmaking and battles. Changes include: We have reduced the chances of...
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    A New Legendary Tournament!

    A new feature has been added to Tournament Play in Mordheim. You can now disable Ai games when creating specific PvP Tournaments! This feature was heavily requested from the previous Tournament and because of this, a new Legendary Tournament will be starting this Friday 16th April at 5pm and...
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    Major improvements have been made to multiplayer battles!

    At its heart, Necromunda: Gang Skirmish is a multiplayer game, but we only want to serve up fun, competitive games that a player has a chance of winning. In response to player feedback, we have reduced the number of three-way battles you will participate in and have changed some spawn points on...
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    New 'Stash' Feature!

    Happy Easter everyone! Continuing on with the improvements/optimisations, this week’s release focuses on the new “Stash” feature. All stash items will now be shown in the Equip screen when assigning weapons/armour/items. All items that can’t be assigned to your warrior will be marked with...
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    Necromunda: Gang Skirmish – OUT NOW!

    The translation spreadsheet has both English and Spanish (covers all languages separately), so all translations are together. I've direct messaged you with the spreadsheet so you can have a look. Thanks!
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    Possible LOS issue

    Thanks for reporting. The team have made some potential fixes to the maps and should be out in the next update.
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    Acid rounds.

    Shotgun. In the next update, we'll update the descriptions on the Ammo and Weapons to state which can be used together.
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    Bug list.

    Hello, Sorry, you haven't had a fun time playing Necromunda so far. If you could send us a list of the bugs/issues, that'd be great. Thanks.