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    Bugs with the orcs.

    Thanks for the info, we've updated the Ai and fixed the clubba description to match its effect. Just on the Animosity bug, the team have also not been successful in replicating the issue. Would you be able to give us extra info on the bug?
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    Bugs with the orcs.

    Thanks for reporting. We've tried to replicate the first issue listed but had no luck with what you're seeing. Would you be able to give us step-by-step instructions on what you did?
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    Chronic freezes, continued.

    Apologies for the delay, I've just sent you a direct message, thanks.
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    Legendary Tournament! (27/08/21)

    Congratulations to the Top 3 of the Legendary Tournament! They will receive a custom icon in-game! Gelt Moon Mercenaries Linx Pardinus Thanks to everyone for taking part in the Tournament!
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    Legendary Tournament! (27/08/21)

    Legendary Tournament code – “LgBattle3” (Case sensitive) Tournament ends on Sunday 29th August at 5pm (BST).
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    Could you please DM me with your Google Play/Game Center username, Gang name and the device you're playing on? Thanks.
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    Currently, you will get access straight away to Reikland, Middenheim, Marienburg, Skaven, Undead, Witch Hunters, Sisters of Sigmar and Possessed. The other warbands will be available for free in a future update.
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    Cannon Fodder has arrived with Goblins available for the Orc Warband! You can now hire a Goblin as a “pet” for its larger Orc cousin in the Camp screen! To support this, a new skill has also been added, “da cunnin’ plan”. Only the leader may have this skill and when unlocked, all Goblins in...
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    House Cawdor!

    House Cawdor are the bone pickers, scrap herders and midden-thieves of Necromunda, their vast empire built upon the discarded scraps of the other clans and bound together by an unshakeable faith. A new Gang has entered the Underhive and is ready to battle for land and dominance against the...
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    Orc Raiders have arrived for battle in Mordheim!

    The new introduction video replaces the very start of the tutorial sequence, which can only be viewed by new players unfortunately. The injury reduction will now happen at any difference and scale up.
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    Orc Raiders have arrived for battle in Mordheim!

    Thanks for the feedback, I've passed over your thoughts to the team. On Hiredswords, Ocs will get access to Ogres in the next update.
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    Orc Raiders have arrived for battle in Mordheim!

    WAAAGH! Among the races of the Warhammer world, none enjoy the prospect of good looting more than Orcs. For this reason, many Orc warbands have been drawn to the city of Mordheim and the wyrdstone that lies hidden there. The most requested warband has been added to Mordheim! Set with unique...
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    Warhammer Skulls Festival!

    Warhammer Skulls Warhammer Skulls is here and we are happy to announce that both Mordheim: Warband Skirmish and Necromunda: Gang Skirmish will be part of the festival! From the 3rd - 10th of June, there will be some exciting updates coming to both games! To start the event off, Mordheim...
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    Join the Beta!

    If you're reading this and interested in helping us test all the new features being added to Mordheim, feel free to Direct Message me with the following: Email Device Google Play/Game Center Username If successful, you will be able to test out all the new Warbands/Hired Swords/New Features...
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    Improved AI and Injury Transparency!

    A new update has landed in the Underhive with various improvements across the game! We have improved the AI pathfinding, which will create more intelligent actions and games in a variety of different scenarios. There have also been improvements to the transparency of permanent injuries. They...