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    Grenades don't seem to work anymore

    Seems to work fine.
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    Verify Fixer Skill

    Could we check to see if the Fixer skill is working correctly? Doesn't seem to be as whether I have someone with this skill or not, I'm getting a similar range of credits. Also is this skill meant to be cumulative if all gangers have it?
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    Major improvements have been made to multiplayer battles!

    That should be adjusted. Plasma guns should have rapid fire to match TT rules.
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    Improved AI and Injury Transparency!

    I'm glad that Order has been modified. I did warn how it could be abused ;). But I was actually hoping that the nerf would be giving a ganger a maximum of receiving one order per turn vs only allowing the leader to give orders. The former allows for more tactical options and more similar to...
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    Do Lookout skills work when the 60 cool requirement hasn't been met, but they show the green splash behind them?

    The Lookout skill works, even if they get injured. That skill is situational though only in scenarios where you are defending the shrine or defending your marked ganger. Once you unlock and acquire a skill you can't lose it due to an injury dropping your attributes.
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    Leadership skill bug

    Yes, a non-captain ganger can unlock the Champion skill with 55 leadership. The Champion skill is really needed to allow a ganger access to the Order skill. Order is powerful but you also need to strategically plan the gang build because Leader can order a Champion who can both order a normal...
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    Major improvements have been made to multiplayer battles!

    Yeah plasma guns can't reload, but that's the same in TT because they have the scarce trait. But in this game, the plasma gun is missing rapid fire which is probably the main reason why it doesn't seem better than the boltgun. It should have rapid fire to match TT. Combat shotguns can be one...
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    The best shooting weapon

    tbh, the reason why melee is king and especially at high levels is that most gangers there will have max Initiative and max Extra Attacks and Dodge. Dodge works too good imo. Coupled with max initiative, it allows gangers to easily move into close combat taking mininal to no damage and then...
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    Leadership skill bug

    All Champion does is allow you to access the Inspiration and Order skills. Gang leaders already have it thus no need for the champion skill.
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    Ganger upkeep increased spontaneously

    A couple of updates ago, they made fixes for skills that had 0 impact on rating. For example, Extra Attacks had 0 impact. It looks like you have some shooting skills on this guy so perhaps one of those were impacted.
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    Major improvements have been made to multiplayer battles!

    I think bolter is still fine because of the rating impact it gives. A powerful weapon is okay as long as the ratings go up accordingly. The 20 pct crit and rapid fire match the TT impact where it does 2 wounds and has rapid fire. Its one of the best ranged weapons, definitely not the best...
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    Shooting through walls - Reports

    The inner walls in university district like maps are still bugged. The merc captain here charged and was able to make a melee attack through the wall in the elf. Any wall where your warrior is sticking out you can still get shot or attacked by melee. For anyone wondering about the fate...
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    Ready to hit TT

    Been a lot of fun painting the new Orlock minis. Also could use them as cultists for my Iron Warriors kill teams. This guy is ready to make the jump from mobile to TT lol
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    Major improvements have been made to multiplayer battles!

    There’s room at the bottom part inside the box to put the opponent’s power rating.
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    Major improvements have been made to multiplayer battles!

    For the location, I'd recommend putting under the Objective box that pops up when you click on the ? in the top right corner. Perhaps add and Opponent Rating: xxxx at the bottom part. I think this will be helpful because a couple of examples, today, I ran a Guilders mission with 6 people...