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    New Warbands!

    Dwarf treasure hunters first, then orcs and goblins, please.
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    So, any chance of Dwarf Treasure Hunters?

    Title says it all. Any chance of them in the future? Obviously, they’d need a bit of balancing, because they were a bit OP in the tabletop game, if they survived a few games. I’d buy them in a heartbeat! They’d still be crazy expensive, more than other warband types, but they’d be fun I think.
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    Warp Stone Buyer

    This is an unfortunate side effect of the game design, as it isn't a direct port of the game. Plus, it gives you a reason to keep going into skirmishes, as you need that coin to get your next guy. Since your max warband size is 8 warriors, you could really kit out your guys, particularly if...
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    Worldwide release!

    Ok, great! I'll keep the test app on my device, until I hear otherwise. Time to get the app!
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    Worldwide release!

    So I'm assuming testers will need to buy the retail version of the game, correct? And do testers need to uninstall the version they have, so there isn't an app conflict? Or do testers just buy the game, and it will overwrite the version of Mordheim on their device?
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    I agree that a campaign would be a great addition to the game. Like a lot of mobile games now, you do the campaign or special missions to get gold crowns/extra wyrdstone/weapons, then play multiplayer matches with your new found and newly purchased goodies!
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    Worldwide release!

    Can't wait to purchase the game on release! Question, are warbands created during alpha/beta going to stay on the servers to give players a wider variety of warbands to face?
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    Warp Stone Buyer

    Or so you can hoard your wyrdstone, to save up for a new member of your warband, or save up for a piece of gear you want. Plus if you don't sell your wyrdstone, maybe your benefactor will cause you to incur some sort of penalty. Remember, also, that your warband automatically gets a cut, thus...
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    Dwarf Treasure Hunters?

    Who can resist these guys?
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    Dwarf Treasure Hunters?

    I know they were added later, but is there any hope for Dwarf Treasure Hunters down the road? Since this game is more percentage based than straight D6, they shouldn't be as big of a problem as they were in tabletop (with their hard headed trait).
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    Suggestion for movement

    The idea I was aiming for was some type of visual graphic on how far you COULD move, and still shoot your bow/ect... It look as though you can currently creep up to move 3 (assuming your total move is four), but how far can I move my marksman and still have him shoot with his bow? That's where...
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    Suggestion for movement

    I have a suggestion for movement to make it a little clearer/easier for players to understand the movement mechanics. For each movement point you characters move, perhaps a large dot could be used, to denote your movement points. And for marksmen, perhaps change the dots/lines to red...
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    Weapon Request

    Looks VERY nice! I'm sure as the game goes on, there will be several additions and visual tweaks to come! Unfortunately we can't have it all on release day. A year from now we won't even recognize the game in its current form, with the addition of warbands, gear, bug fixes, and visual upgrades!
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    Introduce yourself

    I saw the game in my Facebook feed, so I followed the link to the site, and signed up for the Beta testing. I've done a lot of Beta testing for various PC games (some made it to release, some didn't), but this would be my first Beta testing for an IPad app/game. But seeing as release is just a...