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    News and Release date?

    I was starting to wonder if anything was going on - everything seemed to have gone quit quiet on these forums (other than all the delightful spam that was kicking around recently :))
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    Represent your favourite Warband!

    Cool, i hadnt realised that :)
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    Represent your favourite Warband!

    I agree that the starting cash probably isn't enough of an advantage throughout the game. Maybe there could be another small long term advantage as well (they could receive slightly more gold when selling wyrdstone due or equipment and new warriors could cost slightly less as well *due to their...
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    Female Heroes please

    Mordheim has always need a steadying 'female' touch. Just with plenty of armour and some BIG hammers......
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    Weapon Request

    The more fish the better - there was a very fishy aesthetic to the original game. A lot of models had a fish somewhere on them (even covering their head in one instance) and the rulebooks were choc full of them too :)
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    Dwarf Treasure Hunters?

    Definitely throw in my vote for Dwarves to make an appearance. Some thought they were overpowered in the table-top version, but they were easily outnumbered and very expensive to start off with. A brilliant gang to play with, full of character, and this game definitely needs a troll slayer :)
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    Big Guys!

    In the tabletop game, my mercenary gangs ALWAYS had an ogre! Heavy hitting, fear causing, damage soaking brute! And the original Mordheim Ogre miniature is gorgeous and easily one of my favourites of the whole range!
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    Hi there - just been signposted here from FB group and im interested in some beta action if...

    Hi there - just been signposted here from FB group and im interested in some beta action if thats still available? I have an iPhone 5s and I'm in UK :)