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    Building is now live!

    I really like the level of interactivity it gives the player, means you have something else to spend resource on, you can either push out quickly from the centre or develop slower but have a way stronger foundation to fall back on. Also it's nice to see little buildings around the place though...
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    Friendly Fire

    Nouh it was just one person, (McAllister as it happens), he took over downtown again after we'd added each other as friends, now I could take it back but I don't want him to lose it either as we're FRIENDS. So I reckon it might be a bug because it worked when we added each other?
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    Friendly Fire

    So I've still been getting conflict from people who I have on my friends list within game, is this intentional friendly fire or is there currently no way of disconnecting areas from people who are friends to stop dispute?
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    [UI] Currency Consistency

    Maybe the currency could be permanently changed to green (the COLOUR of money.) and energy could be changed to blue across the board, that way it's more obvious if things are purchasable like you said Josh. A whole lot of games use blue for the energy colour so it might help early association to...
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    [Suggestion] - Reward for capturing an entire area

    Yeah I agree it's a good idea, would make sense for incentive like you said then it guides your advances a little more instead of not knowing which way to go next
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    [Suggestion] Unlimited Energy?

    Ouuhhh I hope I get hold of some higher energy regen :3 will have to keep up my playing habits huh ;)
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    Friend Emails

    So after a bit of dispute over some land with Mr. Josh I figured I don't wanna be attacking you guys :') I'm here for marauders so send me a message with your email codes and I'll friend request you! ♥
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    New Faction Names!

    I've gone for Dark Hearts :p ♥
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    Good strat, I'll have to do the same, maybe try and get a speed upgrade for the speed of probes or combat drones to keep 'em running
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    [Cosmetic Bug] Slight graphical error during unit model change

    Well yah but shouldn't it load and then appear? :P
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    [Cosmetic Bug] Slight graphical error during unit model change

    When a unit changes from intact to destroyed or from cover to visible it's model appears bright red for a second before reverting to it's normal texture.
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    Early game and tutorial

    A log of your current objective and previous objectives to be accessible from intel would be useful in case you forget some important stuff.
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    Controls for movement and camera

    I'd prefer it not to snap and pan to a selected unit. If I can see it to select it then I don't need it centering as though it was out of view, the constant camera movement between units is slightly annoying
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    Yah it was definitely working in the earlier stages of having an Artillery but the scaling makes it hard to keep up with unless you keep dragging it around with a truck etc. Always fire an artillery before towing aswell 'cause you lose the move if you tow first.
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    Researching Units

    They've been removed from my inventory now but everyone I equipped with them still have it :'3 perhaps a 'slight' edge