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  1. Double Misfire

    Suggestion/complaint: toggle double tap to move on/off in options

    The new double tap to move feature may be a godsend for some, but having played half a dozen games I'm hating it. I end up moving or charging when I don't want to when gauging distances, trying to locate cover, select a different enemy warrior or cast Flight of Zimmeran. Please allow double...
  2. Double Misfire

    Suggestion: Trollslayer movement speed mitigation

    Hi guys, I'm loving having a bit free time to play Warband Skirmish at the mo, and have been enjoying putting the new Trollslayer hired sword through his paces, having not had much of an opportunity to while he was in beta. The slayer in my Reikland warband is now a reasonably high level (12)...
  3. Double Misfire

    Suggestion: Trollslayer rope and hook and magic resistance

    I've been really enjoying getting back into the game of late, and have been having a lot of fun getting to grips with the new dwarf trollslayer hired sword. Couple of quick suggestions: -The trollslayer is pretty immobile. Movement 3 is a dwarf staple, and I'd never ask for that to be changed...
  4. Double Misfire

    Equipment questions: slings and Sigmarite great hammers

    A couple of quick questions concerning equipment: I recently played against an ai warband with a sling armed halfling in it who ran and then fired two shots from his sling? I know slings could fire twice in the tabletop version of the game, but my Warband Skirmish slings have only ever fired...
  5. Double Misfire

    Freelancer customisation themes for gromril armour

    You've recently introduced the faction agent customisation themes for various warbands (which are awesome by the way), and it got me thinking - "end game" warbands made up of guys in matching suits of gromril get very samey, so why not offer the three(?) existing suits of unique freelancer heavy...
  6. Double Misfire

    Suggestion: Make Ambush a shooting skill

    As a proud Reikland player (at least until Dwarf Treasure Hunters turn up), something that's bugged me ever since Reikland henchmen lost access to speed skills, is that due to access to speed skills as well as shooting, Marienburgers, not Reiklanders have the best marksmen in the game. In the...
  7. Double Misfire

    Possible cosmetic bug: Reiklander gromril codpieces

    (or something I thought I'd never have to type :() As any true Warhammer Empire aficionado will know, whether Free Company or Reiksguard, the focal point of any Imperial soldier is always his codpiece. The new Reiklander gromril armour model is great, but when viewing my gromril-geared guys...
  8. Double Misfire

    Major Bug: Missing warband members after new patch

    Hi, I just removed the latest beta and reinstalled the main version of the game in order to play around with gilding in the new update, and members of my two main warbands have gone walkabout. The Halfling (in 8th position) in my Reiklander warband is missing, and the Warrior Priest (7th...
  9. Double Misfire

    Suggestion/question: Where are the Duelling Pistols?

    As he thread title. Pistoliers were always my favourite part of the tabletop game and the basic pistols in game are currently... underwhelming. I've been waiting almost two years for longer ranged, more accurate dueling pistols to turn up, are they on their way? :rolleyes:
  10. Double Misfire

    Cosmetic bug: no neck/floating head on full plate armour models

    I'm a little ashamed to say that I've known about this bug for a while, but have been too lazy to take a screencap and report it... :( The full plate armour models available to human warbands, that before hired swords had the option to swap their equipment out were exclusive to Freelancers...
  11. Double Misfire

    Will you gild your armour?

    Being able to pay fate to 'gild' armour and helmets, cosmetically upgrading it debuts in the current beta. Costing between 1 and 5 fate per item, a gilded piece of armour or helmet gets a funky gold trim on its details and belt buckles (much like the suit of gromril armour worn by the Reiklander...
  12. Double Misfire

    Bug: Witch Hunter Captain lost (base) weapon skill

    Hi there, I'm unsure if this has happened with today's patch or previously (though my warband rating has decreased since installing the patch, so it looks likely: My Witch Hunter Captain (starting, not a promoted Zealot) previously had a base weapon skill of 30 and four weapon skill advances...
  13. Double Misfire

    Reiklanders - How are you playing them since they lost speed skills?

    I returned to the Reiklander warband I've been playing since launch (the Bögenhafen Bushwhackers for anyone who's had the pleasure of slaughtering them) today for the first time since they had their speed skills taken away, and have no idea how to build or play them anymore. Speed skills are...
  14. Double Misfire

    Minor Cosmetic Bug: Warband members' faces have changed

    This bug isn't game breaking, but I thought I'd write it in. I've returned to my Reiklander warband for the first time in over a month after they lost their speed skills and Witch Hunters came out, and two of my warband members now have different faces to the ones they had previously! My...