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  1. Arnold

    Dwarf Treasure Hunters!

    The dwarfs are well done! It is fun to play them. That is good, because i was really fucked up from this game after the chaos warband. Please change dark pact.
  2. Arnold

    Dark Pact Poll

    After the Update, i See only little Change. Okay, there is No Chance any more to become a DARK Soul, nur after trying hard wirh a News warband the result of thirty DARK pacts is: nothing 23 Times, dead 5 Times, possessed 2 Times, Mutation Zero Times. Hey should i AS an possessed Player waste so...
  3. Arnold

    Dark Pact Poll

    I tried about five times the possessed warband. Each time it was the same. I hired about five cultists, every single one get nothing from their first dark pact, or they get killed or they become dark souls. The idea behind the possessed warband is a melee warband with strong magic and mutations...
  4. Arnold

    New Warbands!

    The dwarfs and orcs are obvious choices, but i voted for wood elfes because i would love to see them in mortheim. So after the possessed warband i would really enjoy the elfen scout as a mercanary, he is the last missing mercanary of the original game ...
  5. Arnold

    Troop Diversity

    Yeah, city of the damned is really different from the old table top. Skirmish is much nearer to it. In the old tabletop, the skaven only had access to the warlock. As a minus, there were no packmasters. The Undead only had access to warlocks and ogres. Both warbands weren´t famous for their...
  6. Arnold

    Witch Hunters some questions.

    Hi folks, great work with the witchhunters so far. My question is: In the description of the spell Healing Hands it is said that all wounded gangmembers within 2´ are healed. In my warband, only the modell is healed which i touch with the spell. And it has only a touch reach.
  7. Arnold


    Okay, i don´t have the answer. Perhaps a screen shot to the developers here in the forum ...?
  8. Arnold


    Mmmh. There should be a fire button if you have possible targets. Targets depend on range, the fire button doesn´t show up if your hit chance is to low and you can´t fire in any melee combat. With lot´s of weapons you can´t fire after movement ...
  9. Arnold


    Simply rise Ballistic Skill 6 Times to improve your Hit chance. Take Quick Shooot to fire two times a round, Hunter to move and fire, blackpowder mastery to use your blackpowder weapons most effective, eagle eyes to improve range. The Speed Skill Ambush let´s you fire automaticlly when you are...
  10. Arnold

    Rat Ogre Poll

    I think the main problem is here, that the rat oger is a mercanary that costs real cash. Many skaven warband owners paid 8 fate, with is about 2-3 Euro, which is not so cheap in my opinion, only to realize later that the rat oger can´t stand in mid game against the other members. That is a...
  11. Arnold

    Introduce yourself

    Hey there, I´m Arno from the north of germany. I´m quite familiar with the warhammer fantasy world, own an old skaven and darkelf army and played both the fantasy roleplay 1 and 2 edition. My favorite from warhammer always was Mortheim, which i played for nearly 5 years and had warbands of...
  12. Arnold

    Feedback Undead warband

    After the vampire emerged from store, i soon started an undead warband. This was my lineup: 1 necromancer, 2 dregs with shield and one hand weapon as tanks, 2 dregs with twohanders, 1 ghoul, 1 vampire and one warlock. And here is my Feedback for this warband: The vampire is an animal, he...
  13. Arnold

    Suggestion: Rat Ogres

    This is even made worth with no possible equipment for the rat oger. With enemies 2000+ Points they are so sad because you bought them for 8 fate points which means real cash ...
  14. Arnold

    Rat Ogre Poll

    With my first skaven warband, i bought a rat oger and loved it ... a time. Like in the old tabletop, they are great, 3 attacks, cause fear, stupidity can be handled through manoveur, strengh 5, lots of thougness and wounds, a killer. But also in the tabletop, there was the problem that the rat...