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  1. Double Misfire

    Mining Helm!

    Looks great! Can't wait to try this out. :D
  2. Double Misfire

    Pick your way through the latest update

    Can't wait to try out pickaxes. Big thanks to whoever suggested them! :D Also great to see dwarfs gain access to Magic Immunity, though the skill text totally describes them as halflings. What are the other new dwarf items added?
  3. Double Misfire

    Suggestion: Merge all platforms of this game onto 1

    Any chance you could merge accounts/save files so I could play my mobile warbands on a browser? :D
  4. Double Misfire

    Dwarf Treasure Hunters!

    Yeah, I mentioned it in beta, and that perhaps it would be less visible if the armoured dwarfs wore dark gloves.
  5. Double Misfire

    Dwarf Treasure Hunters!

    What are you talking about, I've got an awesme faction icon ;)
  6. Double Misfire

    Revenue Generating Suggestions

    I think angel wings would be totally inconsistent with WFB IP but agree with everything else about this. Great post!
  7. Double Misfire

    Faction Suggestion: Dark Elves and High Elves

    No thank you! Organised warbands of elves from Ulthuan and Naggaroth would have no reason to travel the distance to Mordheim en mass after the comet struck. Sole elf rangers of ambiguous origin are about as much as you're gonna get. People forget that Mordheim's set in a very specific time...
  8. Double Misfire

    Happy New Year!

    These are great, but can we get the freelancer and even pit fighter armour options too? Especially for Reiklanders who's heavy armour options are rather pabulum, being composed entirely of the same pyjamas with choice of silver breastplate.
  9. Double Misfire

    New Warbands!

    Dwarf Treasure Hunters all the way! :D Also please don't do some of the more awful Town Cryer warbands with no reason to be searching for Wydstone in or geographical proximity to Mordheim, and horrendous unbalanced, untested rules (I'm looking at you Shadow Warriors!)
  10. Double Misfire

    Elven cloak appears to not work

    Elven cloaks only work vs ranged, right? Could be that
  11. Double Misfire

    Suggestion/complaint: toggle double tap to move on/off in options

    Thanks dude! I've resurrected my trollslayer, hopefully he finds an honourable doom when the hotfix hits. :p
  12. Double Misfire

    Suggestion/complaint: toggle double tap to move on/off in options

    Blargh! Just had my trollslayer killed because of this. An inglorious doom indeed! :(
  13. Double Misfire

    Discord Rules!

    Already started a thread asking for this: :)
  14. Double Misfire

    Suggestion/complaint: toggle double tap to move on/off in options

    The new double tap to move feature may be a godsend for some, but having played half a dozen games I'm hating it. I end up moving or charging when I don't want to when gauging distances, trying to locate cover, select a different enemy warrior or cast Flight of Zimmeran. Please allow double...
  15. Double Misfire

    Tome of necromancy

    Just there to fetch a pretty price I'm afraid. I've lost count of the skaven magic wyrdstone things my Reiklanders have found.
  16. Double Misfire

    My Reikland Captain can't equip a sling

    That's pretty exciting (slings were ace with the right combo of skills in tabletop, so I used to give my guys weapons specialist to use them). Any other new equipment options for existing warriors coming up in future patches? :D
  17. Double Misfire

    Suggestion: Trollslayer movement speed mitigation

    Good idea! Though large stuff is few and far between...
  18. Double Misfire

    New Faction Icons!

    Awesome. Loving the fact the icon's a stylised "B", and my warband's the Bögenhafen Bushwhackers. :)
  19. Double Misfire

    New Faction Icons!

    Ha! I'll see if it takes that long for the update to download and install.