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  1. Shangular

    Suggestion: Turn Limit and Decreasing Morale

    I think these two suggestions need to be implemented for PvP battles and especially for the Defend missions. Decreasing Morale: This is same concept that is currently in Mordheim where morales on both sides slightly decrease each turn so that games won't last forever. This is probably more...
  2. Shangular

    Couple questions

    Yup, when I use lesser gear to farm. If I use normal gear, my patrol runs at 4,500 power rating level.
  3. Shangular

    Ranged weapon traits applying in close combat ?

    Agree, I'm also noticing that meltaguns are really good in close combat because they do critical hits often. Wondered if the 30% critical chance for ranged is being applied to when it is used for rifle butting in close combat?
  4. Shangular

    PvP Shard Leaderboard!

    Huh? It shows that Black Iron Knights won in Dec :p j/k
  5. Shangular

    Suggestion: XP awards for 3 player matches

    I know you get a little more reputation when you win a 3 gang match, but I think you should also get a +1 XP for surviving a 3 gang match as well.
  6. Shangular

    Why so many shrine missions?

    Adjusting my response lol. For Patrol, yes I get a good variety of missions, no complaints. But for when territories get attacked, I do get a lot of Defend Shrine missions. I understand those territories are limited to what scenario is available: Defend Shrine, Defend Gang Member, Escape...
  7. Shangular

    Major improvements have been made to multiplayer battles!

    Nice update. Thank you for listening to our suggestions
  8. Shangular

    Starting Positions on Maps

    Yes, it seems that I can guess 80-90% of the time where the opponent will appear relative to my starting location on a specific map. However, I've experienced good randomness in maps and missions which effects the starting positions so I'm happy with the variety there.
  9. Shangular

    Why so many shrine missions?

    maybe bad luck? I get a good mix.
  10. Shangular

    Couple questions

    I've been farming this one Goliath gang with my Patrol (about 3,500 power rating). That Goliath gang had only 2 gangers but both armed with plasma guns. Same gang also has a 3 man gang at 4500 power rating. All armed with plamsa
  11. Shangular

    Bug: Extra Attack Skill upgrade

    Yesterday when I upgraded the Extra Attack skill on one of my gangers, I noticed there that is no impact on Upkeep and thus perhaps no impact on Power Rating. This has to be bug and will cause mismatches, especially in lower level gangs. Having extra attacks, especially 3 with one action point...
  12. Shangular

    Perspective of Cost of a Gang

    I've seen comments of people being put off because it cost 200 credits or $8 to purchase a new gang. But here's another way to look at this where technically, if you put in the time (either put in money or time to get something done, that's how life works anyways), you can get a free gang every...
  13. Shangular

    What are the effect of losing Reputation?

    I believe matchups are based on power rating. But not 100% sure if Power Rating = exact Upkeep costs? Or are there other factors. In terms of the Patrol, for the f2p player, gaining new territories is also needed to level up Guilders to gain more favour, Hab and Slag to get more credits, and...
  14. Shangular

    Bugs: Skills activating when they probably shouldn't

    A few of these skills are taking effect when they seemingly should not because it doesn't make sense, perhaps bugs: 1) Disarm: When an attacker misses, he can still disarm his opponent? 2) Parry: Gangers are still able to parry even when stunned (never personally seen this, but others have...
  15. Shangular

    What are the effect of losing Reputation?

    Maybe I just have bad luck lol. My super gang is in the Patrol so that one steam rolls opponents easily, but when my lower level gangs in the territories get attacked and some gets taken out of action, 90% of the time I get the some injury (broken bone symbol). I spend favour to heal, but I'm...
  16. Shangular

    Wowee!!! I cannot stop playing this game!!!

    Agree, love this game. Mordheim was great too, but I'm partial to the 40K universe. Good thing this game released during the COVID era where I get to work remotely lol. Obvisouly still a lot of things to add to this game like other 2 major gangs, genestealer cults, palantine enforcers, more...
  17. Shangular

    Some grammar and other text description issues

    Also it would be good to know if the effects of Telesight stacks when you equip multiple? Similar to how Holy Books and Elven Cloaks work in Mordheim. I noticed that when you equip more than one the ganger's upkeep costs increases, but hoping that there actually is benefit from it. Sometimes...
  18. Shangular

    Suggestion: Modify the Risk of being Attacked pct. in Territories

    Also another issue is the Scrap Zone. This needs to be capped at level 6 because there is no point of a level 7 or 8 scrap zone so 2 of my territory gains have been wasted. But perhaps maybe if there was a reduced cost to buying skill points for any level past 6 then this could be okay...
  19. Shangular

    Suggestion: Modify the Risk of being Attacked pct. in Territories

    But that unfortunately isn’t how it’s working right now. I always send a full 4 man patrol squad. But each territories’ chances of attacks is always 10 pct per level. Here’s an example.
  20. Shangular

    delaying the game

    I believe they plan to reduce the timer to 30 seconds and remove the resetting when you use one action point so that should help.