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  1. Amaan Shawkath

    Chaos in Mordheim!

    Happy Halloween! Our halloween release for Mordheim is the: Cult of the Possessed, the final warband of the original 8 is released today. There is never any shortage of men willing to risk their lives for a chance of real power: men whose ambitions lie beyond the scope of their birth right, or...
  2. Amaan Shawkath

    New Faction Icons!

    Unique Faction Icons are now available You can now customise your warbands in battle icon by selecting the Faction icon in the menus. We’ve also included a few nice updates and fixes including lowering the penalty for carrying the chest in the Treasure Hunt mission. Download the latest...
  3. Amaan Shawkath

    Social Media

    Hi there! To make it easier, I've put a list of all the different places you can find us in one place :) Discord - Facebook - Twitter - Instagram -...
  4. Amaan Shawkath

    Apple & Restoring Purchases

    Hello all, We've had to change the process to the way factions are stored against your account on iOS devices which has caused confusion for some of our players. They've noticed that if they install the game the factions they bought aren't showing up as being purchased. To resolve this, tap...
  5. Amaan Shawkath

    New member of the Team..

    Why hello there! My name is Amaan and I am a new member to the Legendary Games team; I am a Quality Assurance Apprentice. What does this mean? Well it's my job to check all the games for bugs and other issues but also have an active role in the forums and take feedback from players. Thanks...