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  1. Amaan Shawkath

    Chaos in Mordheim!

    Happy Halloween! Our halloween release for Mordheim is the: Cult of the Possessed, the final warband of the original 8 is released today. There is never any shortage of men willing to risk their lives for a chance of real power: men whose ambitions lie beyond the scope of their birth right, or...
  2. Amaan Shawkath

    BUG: Game freezing when shooting

    Hello Cabernicola, I've just tried to replicate your bug but my go ends as expected. If you can recall, did you have a skip button visible once you fired your shot, that would mean your warrior still had another go. If not, is there anything else you can think of that caused the bug?
  3. Amaan Shawkath

    Some factions have been disappeared on my account

    Could you tell one of your warband names that are unique (e.g. not Skaven, Reikland Mercenaries). How long have you been playing Mordheim for and when did you first notice the issues? Also, is this the same account you used in the past or have you created a new one recently? If you have been...
  4. Amaan Shawkath

    My Reikland Captain can't equip a sling

    This wasn't a bug but in the next patch you should be able to equip your captain with the sling. Also with the multiple shots there are some skills that allow extra shots if you haven't moved and other skills that can give extra shots
  5. Amaan Shawkath

    Some factions have been disappeared on my account

    Hey Zwerg, Could you let me know your Google Play Games/Game Circle username and we'll do some further investigation? Also can you remember if you bought the warbands with Fate or real money?
  6. Amaan Shawkath

    New Faction Icons!

    Should be all sorted now :P
  7. Amaan Shawkath

    New Faction Icons!

    Ah yes that reminds me, need to sort out your permission on live. Two seconds
  8. Amaan Shawkath

    New Faction Icons!

    Unique Faction Icons are now available You can now customise your warbands in battle icon by selecting the Faction icon in the menus. We’ve also included a few nice updates and fixes including lowering the penalty for carrying the chest in the Treasure Hunt mission. Download the latest...
  9. Amaan Shawkath

    Experience points not awarded

    We're still investigating this, I will keep you updated if we find anything :)
  10. Amaan Shawkath

    Experience points not awarded

    There doesn't look like there's anything wrong on our end but I'll do some investigation for you.
  11. Amaan Shawkath

    Morss lantern

    I've just tried replicating your bug but I can equip my troll slayer with a morrs lanter. Could you try relaunching the game to see if it appears on your dwarf troll slayer?
  12. Amaan Shawkath

    Dwarves for Hire!

    He can be hired by the Witch Hunters and the other mercenary warbands (reikland, marienburg, middenheim)
  13. Amaan Shawkath

    I'm back... with another exploit! Tutorial Henchmen Cloning...

    Could you send an email to with your findings please and we'll take a look to patch the exploit. Thanks
  14. Amaan Shawkath

    Wound bar reducing by itself

    Hello Wyrdstone Dave, This isn't a bug, its a new tick down that was added to the rout bar to prevent people just skipping their turns
  15. Amaan Shawkath

    SERIOUS Bug when use Sword of Rezhebel & Hochland Long Rifle

    Thanks for reporting this bug, we're looking into it
  16. Amaan Shawkath

    Warband stuck in battle results

    Hi, Could you let me know your Google Play Games/Game Circle/Game Centre username so we can do some further investigation? Thanks
  17. Amaan Shawkath

    Ravens Baracks during Wrydstone hunt

    We tried replicating this scenario and found that the AI would be blocking the ladder, and Flight of Zimmerman would take the following path: Because the AI is blocking the ladder the wizard can't path up there :(
  18. Amaan Shawkath

    Major Bug: Missing warband members after new patch

    It was the issue with the Halfling names we fixed quite recently. For some reason, some names had "illegal characters" which caused data saving to fall over. But, that's all been fixed so you shouldn't have any issues with this halfling updating now :)
  19. Amaan Shawkath

    Major Bug: Missing warband members after new patch

    Hey DoubleMisfire, Your Halfling should now be back, safe and sound, in your warband :D Could you just double check to make sure everything look okay? It might say the warband was moved to another device but you should just be able to redownload it from the Download panel
  20. Amaan Shawkath

    Bug: Webpage Art

    I don't think there's much we can do with that as it's an image made quite a while ago :p