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    Lure of Chaos

    A warrior beeing in melee fell victim to the spell Lure of Chaos. Afterwards his (former) opponent tried to move out of combat but the warrior performed nethertheless the Quick Reaction skill. This shouldn't be the case?
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    Beeing shoot during melee

    Hi, it happens once in a while, that members of my warbands are beeing shot inspite of beeing in melee and I don't mean Blunderbusses. E.g. as seen in the attached screenshot, the blue/white Duelist is beeing shot by the red rifleman inspite of beeing in melee with the Dwarf Ranger. Is there a...
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    New personnel via Tavern

    Hi - if all 8 slots of my warband are occupied I can´t hire new personnel, getting the Error "Reached maximum warriors" in the Tavern. If I now dismiss one of my warriors and go to the Tavern again, there is a new choice of warriors and the one I wanted before is gone. Does that mean I have to...
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    Map of Mordheim

    Hi, I wonder why new unlocked levels don´t appear in the drop-down-menu of the Map of Mordheim custom-missions?
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    Here we see cunning halfling Ned Olo Dale hired by the dreaded "Die schmutzigen Reikländer" in fight with his cousin (?) Ned Olo Dale who was hired by the notorious Dwarven warband "Karaz a Karak" - causing severe family troubles later on... Maybe Legendary could go into this to clarify the...
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    Temple donation bug?

    I just found out, that a 100G or free blessing will be lost, if you are changing a weapon at the camp afterwards. Is this intentional or a bug? Otherwise the description should be extended e. g. by: "... to the currently selected and configurated warband in the next battle."
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    Do they stack?

    Hi, like Healing Herbs e.g. Black Lotus, Mandrake Root and Crimson Shade say "Single Use" in the description. But may I use like Healing Herbs e.g. 2 x Black Lotus to get +40% chance of a critical hit? Many regards, Mork
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    Rod of Will vs Staff of Summoning

    Hi, what is the difference between the Rod of Will and the Staff of Summoning? Besides the appearence I can´t see any, but why two identical items? Also none of them can be customized... Many regards, Mork
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    Temple Shop frozen

    Hi, in serious need of fate I went to the Temple Shop and donated 100 G. Now the skeleton-hand says "Please Wait" and nothing happens anymore. Name of my Warband: Die schmutzigen Reikländer
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    Does the effectiveness of the Blunderbuss depend on the ballistic skill values of its owner or are they of no matter?
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    Frenzied + Combat Master

    Hi, my Pit Fighter has two attacks (due to skill increase) + one due to Combat Master if attacked by more than one opponent. Using frenzied he gets three attacks (why not four ?) and also only three attacks if being attacked by several opponents. That means, frenzied doesn't stack with Combat...
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    Arcane Lore

    Hi, my Reikländer Captain just got Arcane Lore and learnt his first spell "Luck of Shemtek" via the Tome of Magic". But now he has only a spell cast chance of - 1%. Because there seems to be a spell cast penalty if he wears armour, I made him lay down everything, his armour, his helmet, his...
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    PvP Pending

    Hi - I am in a PvP-Battle against Numenoreanos. Just going to win but now since 15 minutes it´s written "Numenoreanos are moving..." and nothing happens. Seems like he didn´t interrupt the connection but due to some reason the game pauses. It´s not frozen, I can navigate the view through the...
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    Crimson Shade

    Hi, as described, Crimson Shade should give you +1 to move. My Reikländer Captain has movement 5/5. I tested it now for several times and he can't move any further with Crimson Shade than without. Is there an error with that item or am I doing something wrong ? Many regards, Mork
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    Dual Sigmarite Hammers

    What are the dependencies of the special Dual Sigmarite Hammers (the numbers shown in brackets) ? I only have "Weapons Training" and "Advanced Weapons Training". But when I learnt "Dual Wielding" I had instantly the full properties of the Dual Sigmarite Hammers. Thought I would need "Weapon...
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    Golden armour symbol

    Sometimes a peace of armour or a helmet in store is signed with a little golden symbol in the left upper corner. It looks like a shield or an armour symbol. Does anybody knows the meaning of that sign? I bought a Pot Helm signed with that symbol and it transformed into a red Dwarfen Cap when I...
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    Blessed Water

    Hi, may anybody please explain to me, how Blessed Water can be used? It's in the inventory of two of my Reikslander marksmen but inspite of several battles against undead fractions I couldn't find out, how to use it. :( Many regards, Mork