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  1. Shangular

    Verify Fixer Skill

    Could we check to see if the Fixer skill is working correctly? Doesn't seem to be as whether I have someone with this skill or not, I'm getting a similar range of credits. Also is this skill meant to be cumulative if all gangers have it?
  2. Shangular

    Ready to hit TT

    Been a lot of fun painting the new Orlock minis. Also could use them as cultists for my Iron Warriors kill teams. This guy is ready to make the jump from mobile to TT lol
  3. Shangular

    Clarification Dodge vs Parry calculation

    I think I understand what Dodge seems so much OP vs Parry. Based on my knowledge of the Mordheim calculation mechanics and from my understanding it is the same here in Necromunda, for an attack (either melee or shooting), you get an RNG roll to do one damage for every 10 points of strength...
  4. Shangular

    Suggestion: Limit Territory Level Cap

    I've received increases beyond Level 6 to some of my territories that seem to be a wasted increase, i.e. there is no benefit for that increase, only a downside where the pct. chance to be attacked increases lol. With that, I wanted to get a better understanding of the benefits of increased...
  5. Shangular

    Hab Credit generation

    It seems like the scaling of how much credit a Hab generates per level is too small incrementally. I currently have a Level 7 Hab. But running this with a 600 power rating gang generates the same amount of credits as running this with a 4,500 power rating gang, about 4,000 credits on average...
  6. Shangular

    Suggestion: Turn Limit and Decreasing Morale

    I think these two suggestions need to be implemented for PvP battles and especially for the Defend missions. Decreasing Morale: This is same concept that is currently in Mordheim where morales on both sides slightly decrease each turn so that games won't last forever. This is probably more...
  7. Shangular

    Suggestion: XP awards for 3 player matches

    I know you get a little more reputation when you win a 3 gang match, but I think you should also get a +1 XP for surviving a 3 gang match as well.
  8. Shangular

    Bug: Extra Attack Skill upgrade

    Yesterday when I upgraded the Extra Attack skill on one of my gangers, I noticed there that is no impact on Upkeep and thus perhaps no impact on Power Rating. This has to be bug and will cause mismatches, especially in lower level gangs. Having extra attacks, especially 3 with one action point...
  9. Shangular

    Perspective of Cost of a Gang

    I've seen comments of people being put off because it cost 200 credits or $8 to purchase a new gang. But here's another way to look at this where technically, if you put in the time (either put in money or time to get something done, that's how life works anyways), you can get a free gang every...
  10. Shangular

    Bugs: Skills activating when they probably shouldn't

    A few of these skills are taking effect when they seemingly should not because it doesn't make sense, perhaps bugs: 1) Disarm: When an attacker misses, he can still disarm his opponent? 2) Parry: Gangers are still able to parry even when stunned (never personally seen this, but others have...
  11. Shangular

    Suggestion: Modify the Risk of being Attacked pct. in Territories

    While I fully support that each territory has a chance to be attacked as this is the underhive, I don't agree that each level increase of a territory should result in an additional 10% increase of being attacked. I just got a Level 5 Drinking Hole and this now has a 50% chance of being...
  12. Shangular

    Skill Confirmation

    Could we get confirmation that the +10 strength skill is working corrrectly? It doesn’t show in the Strength description window.
  13. Shangular

    Suggestion: A Few Player Enjoyability Enhancements

    Ok, I'l be the first to post in this section. Loving the game so far. Suggestions: 1) Opponent's power/gang rating: like in Mordheim, could we add the opponent gang's rating when their name becomes visible during a match? 2) Favour Packs: Could you add favour packs that allow to...
  14. Shangular

    A couple of clarifying questions on gameplay.

    1) The description of power says that it provides a 15% crit and -15 opponent defense. Is this in addition to the crit and defense modifiers on the weapon itself? 2) Do gangers that you put in the transit tunnel count towards the power rating in determining match-ups when your territories...
  15. Shangular

    Suggestion: Inactive/Actice status

    Want to revisit the ability of a player to make warriors in their warband active or inactive. The purpose is to adjust warband ratings without having to dismiss someone whom you’ve spend lots of time leveling. I understand the programming work involved of doing a new UI or what not. But...
  16. Shangular

    Oakenshield/Mining Company warband

    Whoever owns this warband, why do you keep joining my game only to disconnect at the beginning? We’re both in que looking for opponents so why not enjoy the game and fight? Who cares if the result is win or loss just have fun.
  17. Shangular


    Are you planning to have a separate discord server for Necromunda or will you be restructuring the current Mordheim WS to more of a Legendary Games server with a section for Mordheim and Necromunda?
  18. Shangular

    Warband Icons being reset

    With the latest update adding the PVP Icon, all purchased warband icons have been reset. Please restore the ones that we've bought. Thx
  19. Shangular

    Rating Adjustments in latest update.

    While I agree that the former rating weights need to be adjusted , I think the adjustment needs to be more at the curve at the lower level end not at the high end. My fear before was messing up something in end game which was never an issue. Looks like this recent update may have. For...
  20. Shangular

    Bug: Black Fury

    The description on the Skaven Black Fury spell says you can move up to 12. But that isn't the case. It only adds 1 for Skaven with 6/6 movement. Is the description incorrect or is the effect incorrect?