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  1. Sierra19

    So, any chance of Dwarf Treasure Hunters?

    Title says it all. Any chance of them in the future? Obviously, they’d need a bit of balancing, because they were a bit OP in the tabletop game, if they survived a few games. I’d buy them in a heartbeat! They’d still be crazy expensive, more than other warband types, but they’d be fun I think.
  2. Sierra19

    Dwarf Treasure Hunters?

    I know they were added later, but is there any hope for Dwarf Treasure Hunters down the road? Since this game is more percentage based than straight D6, they shouldn't be as big of a problem as they were in tabletop (with their hard headed trait).
  3. Sierra19

    Suggestion for movement

    I have a suggestion for movement to make it a little clearer/easier for players to understand the movement mechanics. For each movement point you characters move, perhaps a large dot could be used, to denote your movement points. And for marksmen, perhaps change the dots/lines to red...