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  1. Chaosticket

    Suggestion: fix this game

    Okay Ive brought the same topics up in this forum but not for a while. -------------ECONOMY The Economy in this game is horrible. Shards are only gathered in small numbers and everything beyond a point can be rated in "how may dozens/hundreds of shards or hundreds of battles does this cost?"...
  2. Chaosticket

    Bugged Team, No Morale check

    Ive twice faced a a skaven team called Clan Cyanide and both times Ive noticed some odd things. One is that their armor is strangely high at about 65%, like theyre wearing Full-plate, Visored helmets, heavy shields and have the Resilient skill. I dont think skaven are supposed to have armor...
  3. Chaosticket

    Skills: Questions and Answers, community help welcome

    Some skills have ambiguous wording and provide situation bonuses that cant be examined from the Warband member options before battle. Can you tell me how some skills work exactly? --------------------------COMBAT SKILLS Expert Swordsmen, does it add +1 damage to every damage roll using a...
  4. Chaosticket

    And Now What? What to do when when a game cant be finished?

    Ive pointed out how this game has poor balance and unachievable goals. Yesterday I just realized Ive finally lost hope and become lethargic rather than determined to beat this game as I was earlier. #1 equipment and wyrdstone shards. The higher end equipment is ridiculously expensive costing...
  5. Chaosticket

    A new wishlist. High hopes.

    Heres my wishlist. These are reasonable additions and changes. #1 Increase the ways for getting experience. Every member of the warband gets "winning" experience, not just the leader. Show if enemy warband it outside rating for "survivor" conditions. Receive experience for completing special...
  6. Chaosticket

    Suggestion: Rebalance SKill trees

    The skills in this game are padded out. Having a higher level cap is nice, but its because the stat increases are far less effective than the Warhammer/Mordheim equivalent. Because those are games using D6 for nearly everything and +1 to a score is a +16.5% increase. Here stat increases are very...
  7. Chaosticket

    Bug: Stat Increases, Nerfed or bugged?

    Recently when rolling for character statistical upgrades Ive been seeing the rolls are different from before version 1.3. It was 3-7 for most stats and still shows that on the information cards when selecting them on the skill trees, but Im not seeing any 3 or 7s.
  8. Chaosticket

    Captains, and hybrid characters, good idea or waste of time?

    In the original Mordheim making a hybrid character was simple. Characters all started with several proficiencies in melee and ranged weapons and you didnt have random statistics. Even a basic human or skaven fighter would almost always have a 50% chance to hit nearly any enemy in melee , and...
  9. Chaosticket

    Did Spears just get nerfed?

    While looking through the inventory I look up a Gromril Axe and say a new line in the profile "Reach 1". So I looked around at melee weapons looking up this new line. Only item Ive found where it is more than 1 the basic Spear. But then I also see its actually "reach 1 (2)" so you need Weapons...
  10. Chaosticket

    Suggestion: Changes to Offhand equipment slot

    A painful difference between Warband Skirmish and its source are how weapons are equipped. Originally you could have any number of weapons represented in holsters. You were restricted by what you could use in any combat so you couldnt have 4 knives attacking with only 2 arms. You would have to...
  11. Chaosticket

    What weapons are actually useful?

    With both the cost of gold and the costs of experience necessary to pick the skills to actually use them I wonder what is actually worth it? Shortbow, Bow, Longbow, Elven Longbow. all are low strength weapons but also cheap. Aside from low costs and frequent availability the only real strength...
  12. Chaosticket

    Just my Wishlist

    After reading and commenting on various topics related to Mordheim Ill just get down to an overall list. I would like to see more elements from the original rather than something around half and the other half made to make things more complicated. #1 Warband size, Originally warbands had much...
  13. Chaosticket

    Bug: Tried to use Cloud, Lost all my Wyrdstones, gold, items

    I had another phone app requiring an update (160mb needed but only a few MB actually increased) and I accidently uninstalled Mordheim Warband Skirmish. I reinstalled and loaded up my main Warband again only to find all my Wyrdstone, Gold, and items not equipped are gone.
  14. Chaosticket

    Is Armor/Defense broken?

    Ive played alot of Games-Workshop games like Mordheim so I am familiar with many of the details but others are changed for the Mordheim Warband Skirmish adaptation. Original a D6 dice game when attacking you #1 rolled to hit, #2 rolled to wound, #3 rolled to see if armor negates the wound...