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  1. Trapsinger

    Elf Rangers for Hire!

    Actually that's a good point, about them not being able to change their armour. I assumed that they could change their armor because when you click on their armour on the equipment page, it shows all of the other armour available to everyone else in the warband. Normally if you see if on the...
  2. Trapsinger

    Elf Rangers for Hire!

    you are right on for the stat line. he has access to all standard merc combat skills, shooting skills, speed skills. He starts with wyrdstone hunter and can learn lesser magic with a tome. He can get a second rank of the speed skill that doubles your detection range (tripling it). he has...
  3. Trapsinger

    Elf Rangers for Hire!

    Hey, just got my first ranger. My first impression is that they might be too good. Is it too late to consider: 1. The elf ranger in tabletop could not change his gear, so he didn't have the rule that he wasn't allowed to use blackpowder weapons, but all the other elves (shadow hunters and...
  4. Trapsinger

    Trouble Connecting to Server

    I've been having trouble for about two days, the store gets disabled, no pvp matches, I can't unlock new areas, and it's only matching me against very low level reiklanders with no band name. Is that just me, or is there something wrong with the servers?
  5. Trapsinger

    Is there a bug with temple fate?

    Yeah after my post I finally got one the next day, so just a dry spell i guess.
  6. Trapsinger

    Daily Rewards!

    I'm pretty sure it was 15% for a blessing and 10% for a fate before, but I'd like the question as to fate chance after the change answered as well, as I haven't gotten one in the last 10 days it seems to have been lowered?
  7. Trapsinger

    Is there a bug with temple fate?

    Since it became possible to do make a free daily donation I haven't gotten a single Fate point, even when I pay the gold. Was the rate dramatically lowered? Are other people still getting fate from donations? I've had dry spells before but this one seems long...
  8. Trapsinger

    Sniper leader getting 4 shots per turn

    If you really want to rub it in, the maximum number of consecutive shots you can get with a long rifle equipped is a combination of Ithilmar sword to ensure you get the first action, ambush, quick shot, plus silver arrows of arah on a leader. It works like this: You go first on one action...
  9. Trapsinger

    Cult of the Possessed

    But the cult is a heavy armor warband, both in this and in tabletop. In this they get the "Heavy Armoured Robe" which has exactly the same stats as full plate, and in tabletop they got heavy armor for every single unit type (magister, mutant, brethren, darksoul, and bestmen) in the warband...
  10. Trapsinger

    Cult of the Possessed

    Beastmen have access to armor training, but not armor. Possessed were given access to "items" but apparently not all items. (only consumables currently, making them the only item wielding warrior who can't get a rope and hook, elven cloak, lantern, or garlic) Tentacle appears to be a...
  11. Trapsinger

    Bug: Impassable start locations on Guild Hall

    Screenshot included, defend the find, the altar in the middle has people stuck in it that can't move.[/IMG]
  12. Trapsinger

    Thunderer Hats for everyone!

    The free thunderer hats appear to only apply to standard human male mercenary helms. All faction specific helms have been omitted such as the witch hunter hat, the penance cage, the blindfold, and every single helm available to the sisters of sigmar (don't have chaos to check them, but i assume...
  13. Trapsinger

    Bug: Wyrdstone Hunt(er)

    Wyrdstone Hunter the skill doesn't work during Wyrdstone Hunt the mission.
  14. Trapsinger

    Bug: Prayers and Recovery

    The Matriarch of the Sisters of Sigmar cannot cast spells while in the stun immunity state provided by Quick Recovery.
  15. Trapsinger

    How long would it take to replace your best guy

    Instead of thinking of it in terms of number of games, try thinking of it in terms of time investment. A tabletop game of mordheim takes 30 to 60 minutes not counting setting up the table and cleaning it up afterwards and/or driving to a hobby store to play. A game of Warband Skirmish takes 5...
  16. Trapsinger

    PvP bug?

    there was a bug with it when it first launched but they fixed it right away with a new build. make sure you have version in the lower right hand corner of the main menu, and if you don't check your appstore for an update.
  17. Trapsinger

    Mordheim coming to Nintendo Switch

    The free version of this on mobile includes only the Reiklanders as playable, you have to buy the other warbands for about 7 dollars each. The Switch version comes with Reiklanders, Marienburgers, Middenheimers and Skaven. So if i'm not mistaken the pricing is about the same as mobile, you are...
  18. Trapsinger

    Sisters Sigmar

    Not that I have any personal experience or knowledge of the testing process... But lets say that *if* they are true to tabletop, then they will lack shooting and dogs, and have their special skills focused on fighting "evil" instead of magic. Without shooting or pets they will play more like...
  19. Trapsinger

    Movement question

    the numbers represent: walk / run walking is how far you can move with the dotted movement line and still hide or shoot. running lets you add the second number to the first for a total move distance, but limits your options after the movement, and is represented by a solid movement line in...
  20. Trapsinger

    Bug: Webpage Art

    And we love it! But that won't stop us from teasing you.