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  1. Hardcore Hamster

    move your buildings

    Hi All, So after moving all my buildings around today (only way to do this is by destroying via the harvester and replacing costing money) I thought a system where you can actually move buildings at no cost should be in place. Not only would it save us resources, but more importantly the time...
  2. Hardcore Hamster

    custom unit faction emblems

    So the emblems for the factions are pretty cool as it is, but what if we could create our own and upload? maybe link it to forum pictures. It would even be cool if we could rename the factions to our own choice.What does everyone else think?
  3. Hardcore Hamster

    Console releases for Tactics

    Creating this thread so we can all suggest and debate which consoles we think Tactics should get released on. I'm aware that some consoles may struggle to deal with Tactics but it would be cool to discuss them anyway and how they might work. As of now tactics is officially released only for...
  4. Hardcore Hamster

    Bug report: invisible walls

    This has happened a few times now, and I have no idea what it could be that's making this happen. Sometimes this occurs and sometimes it doesn't. Some walls turn invisible and you can see straight through them. This affects bricks, windows, cloths and other things on the building.
  5. Hardcore Hamster

    Possible suggestion: Joining together to make bigger bases

    I have had an idea. There should be a way to join together in almost clan like teams so you can form together. This means when someone raids you, you can borrow troops from other fellow clans, or even join two bases together to make one bigger one. What do you think about this idea?