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  1. Adam Smith

    A cute little buglist

    Well. aside from the obvious issues you are experiencing with the game that has to be one of the most entertaining bug reports I've read :) Thank you for outlining the issues with such detail, however could I ask for some more information? If you tell us here or in a DM the name of your Gang we...
  2. Adam Smith

    Chronic System Freezes

    If you would like to be compensated for the losses incurred, please email with your account name so we can find you in the system. If you are unsure of your account name the name of your gang would also help.
  3. Adam Smith

    Chronic System Freezes

    We're sorry you've encountered problems with the game. We hope to have an update out this week to address this issue.
  4. Adam Smith

    Favour of the Guilds!

    Thanks for reporting, this issue should be fixed in the next release.
  5. Adam Smith

    Bunch of "how does it works?" Questions: turf and combat

    It's a feature that is currently in beta. Should be available in the next update.
  6. Adam Smith

    Faction payment bug since last update

    Apologies for the delay. I've removed the injury from the affected ganger and refunded your favour.
  7. Adam Smith

    Ganger with CHEM skill unable to see stiletto in inventory

    This should be fixed in the latest build.
  8. Adam Smith

    Ganger with CHEM skill unable to see stiletto in inventory

    Thanks. A fix should be out this week.
  9. Adam Smith

    Ganger with CHEM skill unable to see stiletto in inventory

    Is it a goliath ganger? Or Hired gun in a goliath gang?
  10. Adam Smith

    Ganger upkeep increased spontaneously

    This is part of the balance update we're currently working on. A lot of skills were undervalued. We've also made it easier to adjust the rating/power calculation without requiring an app update, hopefully we should see better match ups across the board.
  11. Adam Smith

    Random Injuries

    I'm sorry you've had trouble healing your permanent injury. I've refunded your favour for the inconvenience. Is there anything else you can tell us about the issue? I'm trying to track down the cause and anything extra will help a great deal.
  12. Adam Smith

    Random Injuries

    Thank you for pointing out that we made it more difficult to heal permanent injuries. We expect to have a fix for this out in the next day or so. The permanent injury heal has been removed from the "heal all" option to reduce the cost at the end of the battle, so it's cheaper to speed up the...
  13. Adam Smith

    Melee hit rate issues since update.

    A hotfix has been released on Android to resolve this issue. Apple will be available as soon as it passes App Review.
  14. Adam Smith

    Legendary Tournament!

    Tournament rewards should be available now, try rebooting the app if you don't see them on your warband :)
  15. Adam Smith

    Custom Faction Icons Fix

    Hey Shangular, I'm going to need to modify your warband data to restore the icon purchases. I'm trying to catch the warbands in down time, so if you're done playing for the night I can do it now.
  16. Adam Smith

    Weekly Leaderboard!

    Yes, using the arrows will allow you to view previous leaderboards. Leaderboards based on rating or Win/Losses are certainly possible, maybe in a future update.
  17. Adam Smith


    For the blunderbuss, it's not applicable.
  18. Adam Smith


    Hi Mork, The Blunderbuss does indeed use the attacker's Ballistic Skill to determine the hit chance.
  19. Adam Smith

    Arcane Lore

    Your total defence value will count as a penalty to your cast chance. Your captain had a defence value of 51, whereas the base cast chance of Luck of Shemtek is 50%.
  20. Adam Smith

    Arcane Lore

    Thanks for that Mork. I've taken a look at your warband and tried to replicate the error described by removing the armour and unfortunately I can't get it to happen. This might be related to a long standing issue with item equipping that means the data isn't refreshed properly. In the...