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    Several questions about game mechanics

    First of all sorry for the questions spam, but I've been playing for some time now and even after a lot of battles there are some points I don't understand: Completing objectives vs winning the battle: There are many battles where you have to complete some objectives to win, however if you just...
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    Cosmetic packs, what do they include?

    Hi, I'm thinking about getting the cosmetic packs for my gangs, but I'm not sure about what do they include. From the picture it seems like it could include new faces, but at least from the image for van saar and escher they seem to be the same as the already available ones. So what do they...
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    Fast shot skill and aimed shooting

    Hi there, I recently got fast shot for one of my gangers and I found something that I don't know if it is the expected behaviour or not... Without the fast shot skill you can either shoot (single action) and then take another action other than shooting or overwatch (for example, shoot + move)...
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    Order skill: Does it have other limitations other than the ones in the description?

    Hi there, I have some doubts about order skill. There are two levels and if I recall correctly their descriptions are something like: Level 1: Distance 6 / Only available to leaders and champions Level 2: Distance 12 / Only available to leaders and champions + Can't order members of higher...
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    Is it worth using the tunnels?

    I've been using them (I've assigned two gangers) since I got them, but I'm thinking of giving up using them as I cannot see any real advantage. As long as I know gangers joining the fight through tunnels contribute to gang power, so rival gang will have more or better gangers, meaning toughest...