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  1. Buggritt

    Ok Juves, what house are you hoping for?

    Working on the artwork I'm assuming Goliath and Escher are the first houses out on release. I'm a fan of huge hair, punk clothing and poisons so, naturally, I would pick Goliath. I do hope for some spryers at some point. Those guys always fascinated me. I had a really bad intro to the first...
  2. Buggritt


    Merry Christmas! Happy Yuletide! Glorious Sol Invictus! Legendary Team - there's still time! If you release Witch Hunters within a few days then it still counts as a Christmas present.....just so you know :P
  3. Buggritt

    PvP shout outs

    Followng Wizard's Hall of Shame I thought it would be good to yell out to those with whom you crossed blades and came away with a good experience. So thank you to Iron Fold! Who bravely took on the Thieves Guild and really should have won. The game lasted 17ish turns and consisted largely of my...
  4. Buggritt

    Attacking through brickwork

    Not a major one but if two fighters stand either side of this wall they can attack through it. Hovels I think is the map? First image shows the attack, second shows there's only one position where it works because the fighter cannot charge directly at the pit fighter cowering behi..... bravely...
  5. Buggritt

    Middenheimer Marksmen

    I've been playing a bit of Middenheim recently and I have a habit of playing counter-intuitively. I quite like the fact that only the Middenheimer Captain gets ranged skills but I am struggling to see the point of grabbing a marksman with no ranged skills to speak about. Can anyone help me see...
  6. Buggritt

    Drowning in Warbands

    Now I wholeheqrtedly applaud the cloud backup system for preserving warbands but I have come up against an interesting problem. Alongside my main Warband (go Riverpikes!) I indulge the rather fickle side of my nature by creating newly themed warbands whenever the fancy takes me. I'm now looking...