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  1. Ewan Lamont

    May 20 New Update in the Underhive!

    We have released a new update today mainly focused on making graphics work better on smaller devices. Changes include: - Added graphics quality options - Added automatic language detection - Changed how aborted battles deal with injuries - Improved item power balance - Improved spawn zones on...
  2. Ewan Lamont

    Happy New Year

    I hope you all had as Happy a New Year as you could and survived the ravages of the plague The studio is emerging from hibernation tomorrow, raring to go and to get this game finished and out to you as soon as we can.
  3. Ewan Lamont

    Pick your way through the latest update

    The latest build includes extra items and fixes for the Dwarf Warband especially the bug that made initiative so low all enemies became invisible. The main new item is the Dwarven Pickaxe These well balanced and sturdily made tools work equally well whether digging into bedrock or hacking apart...
  4. Ewan Lamont

    Elf Rangers for Hire!

    Elves are a wondrous race: lithe, tall, beautiful, long lived and magical. Though Elves become rarer in the Old World each year, there are still some roaming on the trackless paths of the Drakwald Forest and the Forest of Shadows. For the most part they are feared and distrusted by humans but...
  5. Ewan Lamont

    Blessings be upon you

    Two new blessings are now available in Mordheim, the Blessing of Morr and Verena! Save all warriors from death with the Blessing of Morr and double your warbands XP with the Blessing of Verena! Each blessing will last 7 days from purchase. Other changes in this update: Call of Vanhel Fix...
  6. Ewan Lamont

    New Warband Sisters of Sigmar Out Today

    The Sisters are one of the most iconic warbands from Mordheim being the only warband that was totally unique to the City of Mordheim and this setting in the Warhammer Universe. Their background story like everything in the Warhammer Universe has elements of tragedy and dark humour. For...
  7. Ewan Lamont

    Have a Merry Murderous Mordheim Christmas and a Hellishly Happy New Year

    Over the festive period, we have enabled the use of adverts to heal injuries even if you havefate, so there is no reason not to play while you are waiting for the turkey to cook. Santa has also added three new items to the stores: 1. Thunderer Hat – The soft forage hat worn by dwarven marksmen...
  8. Ewan Lamont

    Nintendo Switch Version Only Thread

    Any bugs issues or suggestions that relate to this platform only.
  9. Ewan Lamont

    Return to Warhammer Fest

    One year on and we return to Warhammer Fest. This time last year we had just launched and attendees of Warhammer Fest got an early glimpse of the Skaven. Since then we have added four new environments, full multiplayer, two new factions, five new hired sword and the creature system. Thanks to...
  10. Ewan Lamont

    New Release April 20th

    Our current release has just gone live. It is feature light but has some good optimisations and housekeeping changes that are worth getting. The “special promo feature” where Human mercenaries got a free bag of body parts with their armour has ended. If you have a Mercenary band with a dreg...
  11. Ewan Lamont

    Undead Will be Released Today

    Hear Yay Hear Yay! The dread lord Vlad Von Carstein has mustered an army on the borders of Stirland and may be making a bid for the Imperial throne. There has also been a massive increase in Necromantic activity in the Ruined City of Mordheim are the two connected? The Undead will be launched...
  12. Ewan Lamont

    "Players Choice" Updates

    There is a new build available today. We have been listening carefully to player feedback and the new build is made up entirely of player requested features such as: Enhanced PvP: · We have optimised the mission selector so that those that work best for PvP games now appear more...
  13. Ewan Lamont

    Amazon Versions Merger

    The version that was scheduled to be available on Amazon Underground was launched alongside the free version on the Amazon app store this has confused customers and makes the build process a bit harder so we are merging both versions. From now on there will only be one app on the Amazon app...
  14. Ewan Lamont

    PvP Challenges

    Now that PvP live is here you have the chance not only to chat with each other but arrange a time and place to fight each other. If you want to set up a mini-tournament even with just your local friends feel free to use this forum to do it. We are planning to add direct challenge in as a feature...
  15. Ewan Lamont

    Email Outage

    We recently discovered that our email account synced to the forum was down. If anyone is still waiting for a confirmation email to join the forums please can they resend the request or resign up. Sorry for any inconvenience.
  16. Ewan Lamont

    PvP Live Feedback

    So we have been up an running for a day now with live PvP what does everyone think? Are there too many mismatches, are the rewards too much or too little, are there any connectivity issues or is it just all great?
  17. Ewan Lamont

    PvP Trash Talk

    Anybody had any close or notable games against another player? I just sneaked two guys into the end zone in the breakthrough mission against the much more powerful Reiklanders Fateless very tense win...the rest of my guys took a pounding.
  18. Ewan Lamont

    Live PvP Immenant

    The eagle-eyed amongst you will have noticed that the latest update to the game had PvP live in it. This was the final piece of code will make the game on the phone ready to send and receive PvP missions; we are planning to turn the servers on this Thursday! This has been a long time in coming...
  19. Ewan Lamont

    Black Magic

    Black Magic Skaven warbands now have access to The Sorcerers of Clan Eshin, black magicians who manufacture the enchanted weapons of the Assassins. In battle they can use their dark powers to charm and control the children of the Horned Rat or summon and bind the power of the warp to cause...
  20. Ewan Lamont

    Monsters are Loose!

    “What is that coming over the hill? Is it a Rat, is it an Ogre?” - Rob Hawk (deceased) Rat Ogres are massive hulking monstrosities that represent the very pinnacle of Skaven ingenuity, a lethal killing-machine beast that combines the inhumane reflexes of a Skaven with the brawn and size of an...