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  1. Zero_Harker

    Friendly Fire

    So I've still been getting conflict from people who I have on my friends list within game, is this intentional friendly fire or is there currently no way of disconnecting areas from people who are friends to stop dispute?
  2. Zero_Harker

    Friend Emails

    So after a bit of dispute over some land with Mr. Josh I figured I don't wanna be attacking you guys :') I'm here for marauders so send me a message with your email codes and I'll friend request you! ♥
  3. Zero_Harker

    [Cosmetic Bug] Slight graphical error during unit model change

    When a unit changes from intact to destroyed or from cover to visible it's model appears bright red for a second before reverting to it's normal texture.
  4. Zero_Harker

    Upgrade stock glitch

    Came back on after analysing these two upgrades (again) and for some reason I have a massive stack of them out of nowhere.
  5. Zero_Harker


    A couple of things I've been focusing on whilst playing to ensure an advantage on my side. 1. Leave all dead on the battlefield until you control the sector, that way you can recoup them without using energy. 2. Harvest every last bit of land once the sector is yours to ensure plenty of...
  6. Zero_Harker

    Enemy turns on clear battlefields

    Is there a need for enemy turns if there is no enemy on the map? Once an area is completed and I'm harvesting around it stops me after every action for a non-existent enemy turn. Only lasts a couple of seconds but feels unnecessary