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  1. morjax

    To Make Skaven FEEL Speedier

    A thought just occurred to me to move more towards the skaven aesthetic: without changing the actual move amount of the skaven, would it be possible to make them move their movement slightly faster? The result of this would be a feeling of them executing their move orders fast, adding to the...
  2. morjax

    Minimum Reward for Winning?

    I've had a couple times where I've won the match and got exactly zero wyrdstone. I understand that you can get more by actually picking it up, but I really feel there should be a bare minimum amount that you can get when you win. Can it be changed so that you at least get one stone out of pity...
  3. morjax

    Let's Put it to Rest: Matchmaking with Injuries

    This question has come up a number of times, and I'm hoping to get a final say from the devs on how it actually works: When some of your units are injured, is your opponent selected based on your full warband rating including injured units, or only the units you actually bring to the field...
  4. morjax

    Requests: Memorial Screen a la XCOM 2?

    I have no idea how tricky this would be, but having a screen (perhaps in the options or somewhere else a layer or two into menus) which tracks all units that your warband has lost. Some possibilities in rough order of increasing complexity: * Unit name * Unit level * When they died * Who...
  5. morjax

    Wiki In Progress

    It's still in a rudimentary state, but I wanted to share this in case anyone here is interested in contributing. I've established a wiki for Mordheim: Warband Skirmish at If you feel inspired, any and all help entering data is appreciated...
  6. morjax

    Getting Into the Holiday Spirit!

    The Mugwumps are getting into the spirit of the season! Show me your warband's holiday flair! (Screenshot on Android with power and down volume button ;)
  7. morjax

    Repeater? Ratling Gunner in the Works!! :P

    Holy wow do I ever want a warband full of these! Mordheim Repeater Handgun
  8. morjax

    Voluntarily Foregoing Hiding

    In some limited cases, I'd like to be able to choose not to hide, even if I move half (blue) movement and end in cover. For example, if I'm trying to pull fire to a sacrificial sturdy unit, or to bring the AI's attention a certain direction with other units hiding. I haven't generally needed it...
  9. morjax

    Who Wants a Face Full of Arrows?

    "Shooty Crew" and "Money Shot" are happy to oblige... Yes, step right up, step right up. YOU'RE FACE IS NEXT P.S. Sorry for the red overlay - I'm using an app that reduces blue light in the evening :P