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  1. studer1972

    ameliorate the missile scourge

    Not unrealistically, missile weapons are too powerful. In the campaign mission, the 300 rated Marienberg Master Reeves are one of the toughest campaign scenarios to get past. Clearly, missile weapons should have more of an impact on warband rating than they do. Some suggestions to tame this...
  2. studer1972


    1. shouldn't halflings be able to learn Infiltrate? 2. why can't ogres have the hard to kill skill?
  3. studer1972

    Cult of the Possessed

    Thanks for the new warband, Legendary Staff. I have been looking forward to it for quite a while. I want to add to the wiki, but need to make sure I have good information before trying to add it. 1. The Magister looks to have the same stats as the Captains from the Mercenary faction warbands...
  4. studer1972

    Questions and quibbles

    1. How are warband ratings calculated? When my high level vampire uses a two handed weapon, the warband rating is about 700 points higher than when he uses a one hander and a shield. Also, I had a rating over 4000, but when I logged back in it was down to the low 3000s. 2. Is practical Defense...
  5. studer1972

    My Reikland Captain can't equip a sling

    My Reikland warband, the Shrimp Shack Shooters, has 3 unequipped slings in inventory, but my Captain, who has Thrown Weapons training, thrown weapons mastery, and knife fighter, doesn't show them as available items for his left hand inventory slot. Am I doing something wrong or trying a not...