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  1. studer1972

    Ghoul Kings!

    Ty, Ewan, another player had reported a Skull Cuirass was equippable.
  2. studer1972

    Suggestion: Halfling Pimp

    agreed on more gear for halflings and a+1 for adding pink to the color palette, but not so much for the sex trafficking. I know mordheim is not a place that follows modern social mores, but...
  3. studer1972

    Ghoul Kings!

    My Strigany cannot equip a Skull Cuirass
  4. studer1972

    Skills for Ghoul Kings!

    thank you!
  5. studer1972

    ameliorate the missile scourge

    You often can't hide, or there is some tiny crevice the other side can see through that you are not aware of. The bug when if you had a figure standing next to a wall, come parts would show through the wall being of note. Often times, the AI warband is already within range and has higher...
  6. studer1972

    Just got this....And I love it! However....

    Hiding and achieving alpha strike when you come out to fight are good points. Watch out for the shooters, if any part of your figure is visible, you are a target. The TT weapons and feathers don't count as a visual does not appear to apply in this version.
  7. studer1972

    Poll: should elf rangers have access to gun powder weapons?

    Aren't elves anti-technology in the lore, preferring bows to crossbows and black powder? Black powder is a human/dwarf thing. Let the pointy eared chums keep their elfin magic, but take away the firearms.
  8. studer1972

    Dwarf Ranger!

    Do large targets give a bonus to being hit in missile combat?
  9. studer1972

    ameliorate the missile scourge

    Not unrealistically, missile weapons are too powerful. In the campaign mission, the 300 rated Marienberg Master Reeves are one of the toughest campaign scenarios to get past. Clearly, missile weapons should have more of an impact on warband rating than they do. Some suggestions to tame this...
  10. studer1972

    Ghoul Kings!

    Strigany are a bit weedy, too. Only light armor, hats, padded coif and marauder shield are useable. Zealots, Dregs, and novices have access to better gear.
  11. studer1972

    Need help for the Wiki

    Thanks for all the work done on the wiki lately.
  12. studer1972

    Some cuestions

    Can only have 1 standard Vampire Hired Sword.
  13. studer1972

    Ghoul Kings!

    I like ther Strigoi, but agree they should be at least as strong and Defense bonused as standard vampires. 1 strigoi, 4 crypt horrors and 3 regular ghouls makes a non-sucky all ghoul warband. Why don't Strigoi get full combat skills? Finally, why are the Strigoi smaller than the crypt horrors?
  14. studer1972

    The Nightmare before Christmas awaits the people of Mordheim...

    Crypt Horrors are great fun. Any plans to allow ordinary ghouls to upgrade as a skill?
  15. studer1972

    Dwarf Ranger!

    The Ghoul Crypt horror and beastman models look sufficiently beefy for Orcs, just give them human style legs. The cleavers already available to many factions look like Choppas to me. Thanks for the update.
  16. studer1972

    Offensive content?

    Th DC/Marvel names are probably over worries of copyright/trademark infringement. Master being a forbidden word comes out of Silicon Valley, where there is a push to stop using the word Master in computer, as in Master Server, etc. Pitte being offensive I can't fathom. I ran it through Google...
  17. studer1972

    Offensive content?

    Master, Pitte and Stinky are designated as offensive content, too
  18. studer1972

    Dwarf Ranger!

    Thanks for the new content, but enough with the Dwarfs already, where are Da Boyz? What is a warhammer game without greenskins?
  19. studer1972

    Dead rats!

    The AI shooters have xray vision, better range, better accuracy, and can shoot through walls and cover with impunity. I'm kidding, but this is how it feels when I play.
  20. studer1972

    The Men of Shadows have arrived...

    Have you seen any with a higher starting W than 4?