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  1. MaddieWilmot

    [Suggestion] Loading Bar for 3D

    I have a loading bar myself on both Firefox and Chrome? What are you using?
  2. MaddieWilmot

    [Suggestion] Tone down invasion counts

    So I may just be extremely unlucky. But the other day the AI marauders invaded me in 4 locations within 60 seconds of one another. Which personally felt a little overkill. By the end of the day I had destroyed all the marauders but was unable to really make any progress for the day and had to...
  3. MaddieWilmot

    Are these trees supposed to be Pink?

    I think it's just a loading bug. Sometime my maps appear to all be very pink until it slowly loads through.
  4. MaddieWilmot

    Towing APC's with trucks

    This happens with all of the wreckages. I think it's largely due to the new 3D functions so the animations are not made yet. Also the wreckage are sort of just a lump of metal so animating it's movement would seem odd if it did it by itself.
  5. MaddieWilmot

    [Bug] Co-Op Wreckage Research

    Me and Jonathan were doing a Mission with Co-Op in which we had the Artillery wreckage on the map to salvage. It was Jonathan's mission with me as the assistance. During the end of the mission I took my truck over to the wreckage to retrieve it. Jonathan was not awarded the research wreckage...
  6. MaddieWilmot

    [Possible Bug] Free attacks?

    So I've realized when you have no movements you can still end your turn. Without doing anything. However the enemy will still resume to take it's turn, this also includes taking attack against you and then you receive a free counter attack. A player that places their units in a building can take...
  7. MaddieWilmot

    Progress Halting Bug

    After messing around a little with the warehouse I sold all probes I had, entered the mission, returned to warehouse and rebuilt probes. The mission now seems to have completed itself. I'm not sure if the mission complete just failed to trigger as expected but it seems to have fixed it for now.
  8. MaddieWilmot

    Early game and tutorial

    Maybe one of the intro mission could have the player open the ? button as an objective to allow for players to recognize it's existence and a further explanation of what needs to be done can be inside of it incase the player feels the original is too vague.
  9. MaddieWilmot

    [Suggestion] Change the 3D Button

    The 3D button is a very new function so they probably haven't had much time to play around with it in the way it looks and functions. But I do see your idea. Making it so they player can more clearly tell if the 3D is on or not as newer players may not be too sure when they 1st try the function...
  10. MaddieWilmot

    Year 0 Livestream!

    When me and Jono have enough energy each we may attempt a dual steam showing off the Request Help feature and multi player aspects currently available.
  11. MaddieWilmot

    Progress Halting Bug

    After using the research I was still halted all progress and I'm still stuck on the mission even though I can take a probe to the mission using the research option. The only mission I can currently partake in to further progress are the Help Requests.
  12. MaddieWilmot

    [Suggestion] Friend System Adjustment

    It would be nice for the ability to add a player by their player name rather than having to ask for their email in order to become friends with one another. Alternatively both systems could run side by side for referrals and in game friend requests. On a side note after sending a request and...
  13. MaddieWilmot

    A few problems.

    1) This was also an issue for me as it felt the game was obnoxious at times due to the constant waiting to move a Harvester 1 square then having to wait for the turn to cycle when no enemy presence was on the map. This made the experience of gathering resources feel like it took much longer than...
  14. MaddieWilmot

    Progress Halting Bug

    Error Report: Probe Mission loop issue. Should a player is to use a harvester on the Probe in the level which the player is supposed to recover the probe. The Probe will be destroyed and be turned into resources. The Probe is then lost and the mission can not be completed. This has been repeated...