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  1. DragonsMerchant

    move your buildings

    any updates?
  2. DragonsMerchant

    move your buildings

    I agree - would be a awesome update - could be something to release when you do the steam build
  3. DragonsMerchant

    New unit design competition - BATTLE HARVESTER

    I agree, are you gonna enter the competition? :)
  4. DragonsMerchant

    When you're out of your league

    This had potential! The jet troopers are still pretty cool!
  5. DragonsMerchant

    Whats happening with Legendary & Tactics

    Tactics is such a big improvement compared to what it used to be when it got released all those months ago!
  6. DragonsMerchant

    Fan art-ish

    Awesome, very talented stuff!
  7. DragonsMerchant

    How to rank up

    Haven't made much progress in my ranks :(
  8. DragonsMerchant

    Land mines OP?

    Thats why I love them! Cheap and you can cover your base in them. Fisk, if you think they're over powered you should cover your base in them!
  9. DragonsMerchant

    Random Events

    Sandstorm sounds like a nice idea I like it, What about some sort of care package drop and a player has 30 seconds to access it with a ground unit (scavenger or infratry) to retreat it. Maybe a prize of 500 resources?
  10. DragonsMerchant

    Console releases for Tactics

    all mobile devices!!!
  11. DragonsMerchant

    Old Units, New Power ?

    I bought the drone and its pretty awesome, I use my APC more though. I use my infantry all the time, probably my most used units!
  12. DragonsMerchant

    Some more possible updates for you, what do you think?

    Tactics is on Facebook now! There was a post announcing it here:
  13. DragonsMerchant

    Year 0 Tactics released on Facebook!

    Thats awesome, great stuff is there a built in invite friends feature?
  14. DragonsMerchant

    What consoles would you like to see Tactics on?

    Still find it runs best on PC so I'll stick to that as I don't have a supported Kindle, maybe when it comes to over mobiles i will.
  15. DragonsMerchant

    What happened to the Friends feature?

    So quite a while ago like a month or two we had a discussion about a possible friends feature. But there hasn't been much content surrounding it and the thread just died out? I think it's a really important feature to have. I know the raid table kind of creates competition and rivalry but what...
  16. DragonsMerchant

    anyone had the chance to go mobile on tactics?

    I've played it on my FireTV and its awesome... especially with a controller. If you're willing to fork our 80 pounds worth it
  17. DragonsMerchant

    Competition time V2!

    Thats a tank!
  18. DragonsMerchant

    Fight until the end, Or surrender?

    Well if I know I'm going to the loose the battle i'll pull back my troops. Its noble to fight to the end, but not worth it!
  19. DragonsMerchant

    aesthetic problem (harvester)

    I've had this once or twice and its lead me to death! The confusion about someone hitting my harvester.