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  1. KillerK1ng

    Whats your post-apocalyptic profile?

    Saw this on the LG twitter its pretty cool! I'm probably a scavenger lol
  2. KillerK1ng

    more unit choices!

    As I've created multiple account and have almost unlocked every unit in the game it would be cool to see what other ideas people have about introducing new units into the game. My favourite unit is probably rockets, i love the range and the build time is pretty decent for such a powerful unit...
  3. KillerK1ng

    Bases, bases everywhere!

    So, After re starting my account from the ground up with a new strategy in mind I wanted to share my progress. It would be cool to see what other peoples bases look like as well. So reply with an image upload! Yes, I've hidden all my units as they're a secret!
  4. KillerK1ng

    In game messaging

    Whens this happening or is it even happening? There have been a few discussions about it but its gone very silent. What does everyone else think?
  5. KillerK1ng

    In game tactics discussion

    Hi, with Tactics being officially released for a while now.. and with a load of recent updates and tweaks I think it would be cool to share everyones tips and tricks they have when raiding. Personally, I've started off new account several times and tried out each of the earlier unit (up to...
  6. KillerK1ng

    More buildings for Tactics?

    So at the moment you can't re build buildings and apart form the generating resources they don't have much of a purpose. I think there's a lot of potential for more buildings and especially defense units for Tactics. At the moment there is a nice variety but I think things like anti aircraft...
  7. KillerK1ng

    Will there be any content updates?

    Been playing Y0 for a while now and just wondering if there will be any future content updates or if you're just focusing on other games. Would be cool to see something
  8. KillerK1ng

    Non existing unit

    So, after creating an account to test out the tutorial I encountered a pretty weird bug, After taking out the harvester the enemy retreated, but they never left the battle field. They are still there. The grid space they occupy says its free, but yet they are clearly visible, as shown below.
  9. KillerK1ng

    Fight until the end, Or surrender?

    So here's a little debate for you all: Do you always fight to the end, even if you know your going to die and you have 1 troop left. Or, do you surrender and scavenge the supply's your last remaining troop picked up. Its interesting I seem to see myself doing both. I think it depends on how many...
  10. KillerK1ng

    First impressions of Tactics

    I've been playing Year 0 Tactics for a few hours now and I think its a HUGE improvement from Year 0. The game play feels familiar but yet so different. I like how you stayed with the same theme but changed the display and how you interact with it. I would like to see more updates coming to...