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  1. Big Muuk

    To whomever is running the Badmitton Team...

    Yeah, if I remember right, the match started and the arrows were flying and bodies were dropping. When I finally came up in the initiative order, it was only to fail my rout test and flee the map. Defeated in less than one turn....
  2. Big Muuk

    To whomever is running the Badmitton Team...

    I curse thee!
  3. Big Muuk


    Stances were created by Rogue Factor. In the original game, you rolled your defensive rolls for every successful attack made on your character. Ambush was actually called Intercept, which was a choice a player could make if an opposing unit passed too close to one of his units without attacking...
  4. Big Muuk

    The best way to have your say!

    Haha! I loved rolling that injury on the tabletop!
  5. Big Muuk

    Favorite Warbands

    I played Skaven and Middenheimers on the table top. I had just started getting into the Witch Hunters when I moved from the area. Having played them on the Rogue Factor version of the game, I absolutely love them.
  6. Big Muuk

    Introduce yourself

    Howdy folks! Big Muuk here! I hope I'm not too late to the party! I run a small YouTube channel featuring Mordheim Guides and Gameplay. I am at the upper end of the age range for your average gamer, but that only means I am more experienced. ;) I've got the whole wife, four kids and a job thing...