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  1. Adam Smith

    Who is in my hideout?

    According to the database, that ganger in your hideout is called Swan Rain, and is injured for 5 cycles.
  2. Adam Smith

    Beta Update 6

    The music is outsourced, we're a group of many talents but music ain't one of them :p I've sent you a pm about the favour.
  3. Adam Smith

    Custom Faction Icons Fix

    Hey Shangular, I'm going to need to modify your warband data to restore the icon purchases. I'm trying to catch the warbands in down time, so if you're done playing for the night I can do it now.
  4. Adam Smith


    We'll certainly look into adding an XP cap of some sort. I agree with your concerns about superhuman gangers running about, that isn't going to be fun for anybody.
  5. Adam Smith

    Weekly Leaderboard!

    Yes, using the arrows will allow you to view previous leaderboards. Leaderboards based on rating or Win/Losses are certainly possible, maybe in a future update.
  6. Adam Smith

    Beta Update 5

    Beta Update 5 A new beta is available in the Google Play Store/Testflight right now. Below are the changes: fixing hq name adding wait action fixing template hit chance adding rad to grenade launcher adding filter plug item adding telescopic sight adding item customisation adding bottle...
  7. Adam Smith


    For the blunderbuss, it's not applicable.
  8. Adam Smith


    Hi Mork, The Blunderbuss does indeed use the attacker's Ballistic Skill to determine the hit chance.
  9. Adam Smith

    Arcane Lore

    Your total defence value will count as a penalty to your cast chance. Your captain had a defence value of 51, whereas the base cast chance of Luck of Shemtek is 50%.
  10. Adam Smith

    Arcane Lore

    Thanks for that Mork. I've taken a look at your warband and tried to replicate the error described by removing the armour and unfortunately I can't get it to happen. This might be related to a long standing issue with item equipping that means the data isn't refreshed properly. In the...
  11. Adam Smith

    Arcane Lore

    Hi Mork, thanks for reporting. Can you tell me the name of the warband you're experiencing this issue with please? I'll take a look at your warband data and investigate the issue.
  12. Adam Smith


    Thanks for the feedback Shangular. With regards to your suggestion for an XP cap, how did you arrive at the 200 mark? Would you see the cap as only something that triggers when "buying" XP through the Scrap Zone?
  13. Adam Smith

    Very bald idea

    Great suggestion CzaRus, thanks for taking the time to post it. I'll take it to the design team and get back to you.
  14. Adam Smith

    Bugs: Quick Shot and Not being able to Charge

    Charge is a two point action, even if you're in range. Thanks for reporting the Quick Shot bug, we'll investigate
  15. Adam Smith

    Project Dark - Beta

    If its easier to screenshot and upload as feedback in TestFlight, then by all means do so. Just follow it up with a message on here so we know to take a look.
  16. Adam Smith

    League - Mordheim Marauders

    I like the sound of this! Do you know about the private game feature that's due in the next release?
  17. Adam Smith

    Underdog Bonus for non-PVP doesn’t work

    Any idea what your warband rating was before the battle? That's what we need to check the calculation, your warband rating at time of mission availability, and opponent rating.
  18. Adam Smith

    Top of the Leaders table thread

    We have been investigating the owner of this warband. While he does have a fully specced warrior in the warband, there isn't really anything obvious that would indicate that he is cheating. He does play a lot of games (50 yesterday), which would explain his jumps in shards. His behaviour in...
  19. Adam Smith

    Active corpses

    I saw that you wrote it was beta, but we have a number of beta builds in progress. This issue should be fixed next beta build.
  20. Adam Smith

    Active corpses

    There should be a version code on the main menu in the bottom right of the screen. Could you tell me what that says?