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  1. Deadhiel

    How's everyone finding the Ogres?

    In pve ogre’s are easy to counter. In pvp my Skaven are steamrolled as the hvy armor is too tough to counter along with high W. I hate rat ogre’s currently so don’t have an effective counter and gnawdoom is doing 1-2 damage per shot. It’s a massacre.
  2. Deadhiel

    Suggestion: Ambush Skill

    I’ve survived many ambush matchups because every member of my Skaven WB has infiltration and high Initiative. It turns the ambush into a bloodbath especially if I have giant rats as fodder. Every Skaven WB should have infiltrate.. it’s one of our strongest advantages.
  3. Deadhiel

    Hey, when i played a pvp match, i meet a cheating guy

    A captain with flight spell and infiltration (don’t know if humans get that skill) could easily make 30 squares if both spells cast plus there move, 12+4 x 2 but the spell animation should be readily visible. Ok, scratch that thought. Looks like they can’t get that skill.. or at least my midden...
  4. Deadhiel

    Rat Ogre Poll

    I love the idea of the RatOgre as a leader pet. As it stands right now, the RatOgre is pretty useless to me. I’m even happier if he stays close to the leader (unlike giant rats who go vaguely in the enemy’s direction). I tried RatOgre’s twice and while functional at low WB levels, becomes...
  5. Deadhiel

    Game crashing on iOS since the last patch (603)

    Had no crashes since I upgraded iOS last night. Since updating I've had about 4 hours without issues.. hopefully this has fixed the issue. Thanks for following up Amaan.
  6. Deadhiel

    Game crashing on iOS since the last patch (603)

    Model is ME836X/A. Just upgraded iOS to 11.4.1 to see if that will help. To early to tell. :)
  7. Deadhiel

    Game crashing on iOS since the last patch (603)

    Don't know if anyone else is experiencing this but the game crashes 5-6 times over the course of a day. Very aggravating. I'm playing on iPad mini. Playing on my phone (iPhone 8) works fine. Tried copying the analytics but it's being a pain.
  8. Deadhiel

    How does Wyrdstone Hunter Skill work?

    I'd like to know this too. I have the skill unlocked on three characters on one Warband and It doesn't appear to do much. If anything I notice more random shards on the ground with my Skaven WB who doesn't have this skill at all..
  9. Deadhiel

    Skaven vs Fear

    What rating level is your Warband and what models do you use? My Skaven right now are the best Warband I use (and the most fun). I have a heavy magic WB and with ranged spells (admittedly range is very low) can carve undead up. Giant rat summons are good fodder to distract the AI, high move and...
  10. Deadhiel

    PVP 262 Rating defeat 2263 Rating warband without injury is possible

    Hi Amaan Great to see you guys taking everything onboard #ThumbsUp :) Thought I'd address the points as Taak is probably asleep still. 1/ While storing skill points and not using them gives no benefit, it also keeps us at a rating level where we are competitive, making it possible to keep...
  11. Deadhiel

    Balance and Progression

    The only down side to a low and slow increase in rating (and I fully agree it's the only way to get good matchups) is we end up stuck with only 2-4 maps and that includes the cemetery and memorial gardens hitch I hate with a passion. It's boring playing the same maps over and over (except the...
  12. Deadhiel

    PVP 262 Rating defeat 2263 Rating warband without injury is possible

    Holy cow brother, my eyes started bleeding when I saw the wall of text. :) occasional paragraphs would be nice :p
  13. Deadhiel

    PVP 262 Rating defeat 2263 Rating warband without injury is possible

    Impressive matchup but it does highlight how broken matchmaking is. Your warband has high level members with endgame (if we can call it that) weapons. With Warpstone count of 689 you've accumulated a ton of gold and experience. My Skaven WB is much lower level (having just started and at rating...
  14. Deadhiel


    I've faced the same warband :) My Vamp has huge Ld and his comet Maul made short work of them as they clumped together. High Initiative helped me get in first. Fun battle *grins sheepishly*. I think I'll have to dust the fear spell off and give it some attention. Looks like my Warlock can...
  15. Deadhiel

    Unwinnable Games

    As it stands, the placement is (though random) too close to either starting area's. I've had three matchs today where they were (2/3) right next to the starting area for my opponents. Having said that I also had 3/3 right on top of my starting area. In this instance I snap up 2/3 and hover near...
  16. Deadhiel

    Skaven Packmaster.. Is there any point?

    Thanks Cypher, that's pretty much what I thought. As much as I like the look of them, unless they provided some kind of boost to either summoned giant rats or the equiped ones then they just aren't worth it. I can easily outfit a vermnkin for the same functionality. The slot is better used for...
  17. Deadhiel

    8 rats with 16 pistol is underestimated

    Two out of three worked fine :) Love the Warband name! :) Very sneaky.. perfect Skaven behaviour.
  18. Deadhiel


    I've yet to try it but perhaps he would also work at light crowd control with his ranged fear spell.. it's never worked very well sofar (though I haven't put many points in it). On the rare occasion my Warlocks level, I get skills like streetwise, haggle and Wyrdstone Hunter as I don't want to...
  19. Deadhiel

    Skaven Packmaster.. Is there any point?

    Like the title says.. is there a point to having the packmaster. From what I can see, they can easily be substituted by a normal verminkin with the packmaster equipment. I don't have pet's equipped on most of my Skaven WB's and the Rat Ogre works fine with any Skaven model being close by...
  20. Deadhiel

    8 rats with 16 pistol is underestimated

    Nice setup brother! Link to images appears to be broken (I use imgur and link the BBcode for easy image view) Skaven have amazing possibilities! I'd recommend anyone going Skaven to take the time and roll each member carefully. With such low Ld, you need the biggest bang for your buck before...