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    Bug or intentional? Hearts of Steel.

    So is intended that Hearts of Steel doesn’t make the caster immune to fear and all alone? I ask, because I’ve got a solo sister warband that’s part of my series of warbands under the umbrella of “Salvation Army” and she runs like a coward every time she gets two or more people on her, even...
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    New Warband Sisters of Sigmar Out Today

    I am loving the new warband. Get me those Augurs already!
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    Bug or Luck?

    And to be clear, I’m being offered 3 male hero’s every single time, and am doing battles against AI as quickly as possible to get a new selection.
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    Bug or Luck?

    I haven’t yet seen an Auger and have been playing my Sisters all day long. It’s starting to kinda kill the vibe, when I’m never offered a female hero. Is this just bad luck, or is there a bug?
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    Cat Lickers

    This seemed so rare, I had to share: Cat Lickers, after our PvP match I went to play an AI match and the option was YOU again, as AI! I was very happy to see your Ogre was still kicking. Good matches, btw. =)
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    Treasure chest.

    Change the weight restriction on the chest, please. If you find it in the far corner, with the reduced speed it will take you the length of a regular game just to get back to base. There is no rush to route you or wipe you out before you get the chest back; just casually pick away at the...
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    How do double actions work?

    Ok, so after playing some team called the white council, with 5 warlocks (I assume one is the leader, turned magic) I have a few questions. I’m going to assume the team is legit and that that simply means there are parts of this game I don’t understand, but a few things I wasn’t expecting: 1...
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    Search for Treasure!

    Can anyone tell me what kind of stuff they have been finding in the chest? I’ve not yet managed to find one before becoming fully engaged with the enemy, and have been playing a duo team with no specific “treasure hunter” role.
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    PvP bug?

    That was indeed the issue! Thanks =)
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    PvP bug?

    Is this an issue for anyone else? Since downloading the PvP update I am no longer offered a PvP option by the town crier. Am I missing something, or is there a technical issue? Edit: I should note that the town crier menu looks normal, with the normal number of options, but none of them are...
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    Movement question

    Thank you. That is exactly the kind of answer I was hoping for.
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    Movement question

    So, I am hoping for some clarity regarding the movement stat. Why are there two number separated by a “/“? For example, 4/3. I have assumed that one is for total movement and the other for figuring how far you can walk or sneak, but I’m not really sure. Why does some armour affect only the...
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    Bad idea

    I’m sorry, but removing the ability to watch an Ad to heal an injury while you have fate was a bad idea. I don’t exactly like the idea of being able to heal your injuries at all (possibly due to how often I use it), but if it’s going to exist and anyone with no fate can heal for free while I...
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    Is everyone a Beta tester?

    Thanks for the info. Maybe I’ll start another warband for lower rating pvp.
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    Is everyone a Beta tester?

    Seriously, I haven’t been able to find a pvp match since the recent beta opened. Is there an active bracket out there right now? Lower rating? Higher rating?
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    Bug? No more xp for equal rated warbands?

    No, but it has also stopped. Sorry, I should have followed up on this, but just played on...
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    Customer support

    Hey, so I looked on the website for a customer support contact, but it directed me to a long distance number that I’m not about to call. So here is my customer support issue: Skaven warband: The Shadows Time: approx 6pm pacific time Issue: A member of my warband died (name Bonecutter) and I...
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    Bug? No more xp for equal rated warbands?

    Ever since the update, my Skaven group “The Shadows” hasn’t been gaining xp for equal rated warbands. Only for kills and wordstone bonus on the collecting shards maps. I have only played against AI (not for lack of trying; what happened to all the pvpers?) so I don’t know if it is also happening...
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    I know the thread below here says that it’s in beta, but I noticed a loading message, while waiting for a game, that informed me I could gild armour “blah blah”, and I just wanted to make sure I’m not missing something...
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    Aesthetic Ideas

    Agreed. If a crest existed, I would use it, but I’m not too worried about it existing. The ability to rearrange my camp order, though, is something I would LOVE. It drives me nuts that some of my lowly, scummy dregs come before my vampire in the camp page.