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  1. Badseed

    Weapon Request

    nice cell-shadyness
  2. Badseed

    Cloud save?

    My old tablet was broken this weekend, so I had to get a new one. Reinstalled the game but lost all my progress from old game. Will any type of cloud save be implemented to have savegame from device to device?
  3. Badseed

    Introduce yourself

    Hi Warhammer enthusiasts, My tags Badseed I live in New Jersey in the USA. I've been a fan of all things Warhammer since I played it As a kid in its pen and paper tabletop version. That was around 30years ago and the many ways to play Warhammer just keep Getting better and better. I can't...
  4. Badseed

    Rules and how to become a Tester!

    Hi all I just signed up to the forums. I'm a 43 old school gamer job new jersey USA. I have fond memories of playing table top Warhammer. Can't wait to see the jump to digital. Looking forward to Testing an incredible game