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  1. Jon_Wryd

    Brand New Game Maps!

  2. Jon_Wryd

    Replace micro transactions with subscriptions...

    I agree to some sort of sub. or even a free "lite version" of the app and a premium account that gives you perks; there are possibilities. I had three of four warriors die in two battles and not enough fate to revive them all so I just called them quits (fourth was a newbie warrior...
  3. Jon_Wryd

    Mordheim now available on Web Browser!

    If I've already spent real money on getting fate/warbands why would I want to pay again to play on Web browser ?
  4. Jon_Wryd

    New Mission Ideas and other thoughts

    I was thinking it might be fun to introduce a new type of mission: Bounty Hunt - Objective is simple, take out a specific enemy character to win. Eliminate Enemy leader: Each side has to try injure the other leader to win. Rescue captive member - One side defends and has to stop the other...
  5. Jon_Wryd

    Introduce yourself

    Hello, I'm John from Canada. I've never played the TT game, but I do enjoy this game. I've played several GW games in the past, but never again!
  6. Jon_Wryd

    Treasure chest.

    Hello, I've played the find the chest several times now and it's painful. I've only actually completed 1 battle which took over 35 turns - approx 45mins to play. Every other time the opponent leaves the game after 10-15 rounds. It's just way to slow. I suggest having your leader be able...