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  1. Miette de Corbin


    Congratulations on the launch!
  2. Miette de Corbin

    Weapon Request

  3. Miette de Corbin

    Weapon Request

    If there's one thing I'd love to see added, it's a Fish wielded as a club (ala Witch Hunter Zealot) :)
  4. Miette de Corbin


    Carnival of Chaos has always been popular. Orcs and Goblins are good draw for players not familiar with the Warhammer world (especially squigs!)
  5. Miette de Corbin

    Specialty Characters

    Does that mean I'd have to have the DLC in order to fight against them? Or just build a warband of them? I'd rather pay for all the "core" Mordheim warbands (Merc, Possessed, Skaven, Witch Hunters, Sisters, Undead) just for the chance to battle them, even if I didn't intend to play one of their...
  6. Miette de Corbin

    Experience Question

    The reason I ask is that I'm starting to see certain heroes outpace others. My higher-initiative ones gain experience faster by virtue of going first, popping off a couple of shots or swings, and killing my foes before the rest in the warband can act. I've been trying to spread the love a bit...
  7. Miette de Corbin

    Experience Question

    Do you gain experience for routing an opponent or is it just for those you Take Out of Action / Kill?
  8. Miette de Corbin

    Explanation of combat mechanic please

    Understood- thanks Adam. I like that mechanic
  9. Miette de Corbin

    Explanation of combat mechanic please

    Second Speigas' observation - if damage is Strength/10, does it round up?
  10. Miette de Corbin

    Viva la Pistoliers!

    Finally got my captain leveled up enough to have pistols in both hands. Watching him run up and pistol whip some guy and then unload both barrels into his face is strangely satisfying. Thanks for this - :) Handguns, on the other hand, I'm still judging. The reload / no shoot and move really...
  11. Miette de Corbin

    Female Heroes please

    And not just Sisters of Sigmar. Maybe in the customization options, allow gender to be selected? If they're wearing dresses/skirts, you probably wouldn't have to change the armor options - no need to sexualize them. Rule of cool - add some ladies! Thanks!
  12. Miette de Corbin

    Introduce yourself

    Hey all - I'm an avid war gamer up here in Seattle, WA - you may know me on other forums as Swan-of-War or Mospaeda. Been table-top gaming for the past 15 years and have played countless console/PC gaming my whole life, primarily strategy and RPGs. I work for a major video game company here...