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    Inoffensive offensive content

    Tried to rename a warrior "Thora" but got the offensive content warning...can't for the life of me figure out why.
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    New Items in your Local Store!

    Having a lantern equipped triggers the pouch to be shown during battle, even if no other pouch items are equipped - is that intentional?
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    Unwanted PvP

    Having selected available a PvE option, I have ended up in PvP. Presumably what has happened is that the game has selected a PvE opponent for the map in question who happens to be online.
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    Suggestion: Non-Randomised Maximised Starting Stats and Skills on ALL Characters & Hired Swords

    The tabletop game gives you only very limited control over character development; the dice decide what advances you get and, crucially, there are a limited number of advances. As this version allows complete control over, and unlimited, character progression, having unequal starting stats is...
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    I catch the cheater (or bug user) this time !

    The path you've marked for the Necromancer appears to be off the "table" - I'd guess his move actually took him between the building and the wall, which, if the warband deployed behind/inside the building and he was to the fore, seems legitimate (if rather brave for a Necro!). I suspect the Ogre...
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    Ogres Arrive!

    Agree with your point, plus that's a great paint job.
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    Fate or Adverts to Avoid injury or Death

    I didn't look for it on a website - it is not included in my (admittedly rather ancient) paper copy. Whether or not it is now, I will literally never accept that colloquial misuse of a word (particularly where that misuse demonstrably originates from ignorance, as in this case) merits it's...
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    Fate or Adverts to Avoid injury or Death

    When I checked (yes, I am sad enough to have previously researched this), only three online dictionaries had included the informal (and incorrect) usage. The Oxford English Dictionary - the ultimate arbiter - does not.
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    Fate or Adverts to Avoid injury or Death

    Honestly, I don't see what the big deal is. Legendary's income derives largely from Fate purchases - I rather doubt the ad income is particularly significant, based on my more intimate knowledge of other games' revenue streams. It's a fair compromise between protecting their income and...
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    Fate or Adverts to Avoid injury or Death

    You lost me at "literally spitting in our faces". :rolleyes:
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    Unwinnable Games

    On the tabletop there are rules about shard placement (minimum distance from the edge and from other shards) - shouldn't be too hard to replicate, surely.
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    Ogres Arrive!

    I'm not in favour of "benching" - being able to select your best team according to scenario/opposition would detract from the warband design element of the game. In both this and the table-top version the aim is to build a warband that can take on all comers. I've replaced a level 20 warlock...
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    Stuck in loading

    I've had some extremely long load times - so long that I've assumed it is unresponsive - but have found that it does load eventually if I leave it long enough.
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    Tavern and Hired Swords

    Halfling please! :)
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    It crashes back to the OS or restarts the device (more frequently the latter recently, although a couple of months ago that was relatively rare). It's a Hudl 2, BIOS version Baytrail., running Android 5.1
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    I'm still experiencing frequent crashes. The amount of xp I've lost because of it is ridiculous - shards too but tbh I'm less fussed about that. Recently, not only does the game crash but my device restarts...this NEVER happens with any other app.
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    Tavern and Hired Swords

    The Fate system is fine. However, I don't like that the hired swords, for which you effectively pay ££, can so easily die (or be injured beyond usefulness) unless you spend more ££ on fate to keep 'em going. I'd prefer to either see them more expensive and you purchase the type, or have a...
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    How Does Frenzy Work?

    Games Workshop changed how frenzy worked for exactly the same balance reasons. Mordheim predated that change but not, if memory serves, by much.
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    Top of the Leaders table thread

    Don't reckon it's fair to have a go at Legendary for this, nor to continue to accuse MLF of cheating. They've investigated and found nothing illegitimate. MLF's play style is legit. If it weren't for the fact that he's racking up an insane shard count I doubt it would have raised many eyebrows...
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    Hudl2, Android 5.1 Frequently crashes at the "tap screen to start" stage or in game when switching turns.